5-3 Defense for Youth Clinic


5-3 Defense for Youth Clinic

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Unlock the Secrets of an Unbeatable Defense

  • Exclusive Coaching Insights: Learn directly from Coach Hickey, with years of experience as a High School and Youth Defensive Coordinator.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers everything from the philosophy behind the 5-3 defense to making unexpected adjustments on the field.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Simple base rules and responsibilities are explained in an easy-to-understand manner, perfect for youth players and coaches alike.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with the material through a Q&A session and preview the clinic with a free 6:41 minute video.
  • Valuable Resources Included: Gain access to 1:44:37 hours of detailed clinic footage and comprehensive notes for on-the-go learning.

Why Choose the 5-3 Defense for Youth Clinic?

  • Make Your Defense Unpredictable: Discover simple yet effective adjustments that will keep your opponents guessing.
  • Build a Strong Defensive Foundation: Understand what sets the 5-3 defense apart from typical youth defenses and how it can benefit your team.
  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from Coach Hickey’s extensive experience at both the high school and youth levels, ensuring your team gets top-tier defensive training.
  • Accessible Learning: Whether you're a seasoned coach or new to youth football, this clinic is designed to elevate your team's defensive game.


  • Who should enroll in this clinic? Youth football coaches, defensive coordinators, and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the 5-3 defense.
  • What will I get from this clinic? Apart from the in-depth video content and clinic notes, you'll gain invaluable insights into improving your team's defense with the 5-3 formation.
  • How do I access the clinic materials? After purchasing, you'll receive immediate access to all the clinic content, including the preview video, full-length clinic footage, and comprehensive notes.