47 Gap Drive Sets (Playbook)


47 Gap Drive Sets (Playbook)

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Attention Coaches!

Are you looking to elevate your team's offensive game this season? Do you want to outsmart your opponents with innovative plays designed for dynamic point guards, wing slashers, or dominant forwards? The 47 Gap Drive Sets Playbook is here to transform your coaching strategy and give you the winning edge.

Why Our Playbook?

Developed by a seasoned Varsity High School Basketball Coach with 12 years of coaching experience and a track record of success, including 5 Sectional Championships, 4 District Championships, 1 Regional Championship, and 1 State Runner-Up achievement, this playbook is your go-to resource for game-changing plays. Every set diagrammed is backed by actual game footage available through our embedded videos from YouTube, ensuring you get practical, real-world examples to learn from and apply.

Features and Benefits

  • 47 Gap Drive Sets: Diverse plays tailored to fit the strengths of your key players - whether it's your point guard, wing, or forward.
  • Featured Player Focus: Strategies designed specifically for the player you want to highlight, ensuring they're in the best position to score and assist.
  • Embedded YouTube Videos: Visual learning through actual game footage to see the plays in action and understand the intricacies of each set.
  • Expertly Crafted by a Proven Winner: Benefit from the insights and strategies of a coach who knows what it takes to win at high levels.
  • Easy to Understand Diagrams: Clear, concise diagrams that make it easy to learn and teach new plays to your team.


Is this playbook suitable for teams at all levels?
Yes, while the playbook is designed with high school varsity teams in mind, the plays and concepts can be adapted for teams at various levels aiming to enhance their offensive strategies.

How can I access the embedded videos?
Each purchase comes with links to embedded videos on our YouTube channel, providing you with direct access to watch the plays you'll be teaching in action.

Can this playbook help inexperienced coaches?
Absolutely! Whether you’re a rookie coach or a seasoned vet, our playbook provides a straightforward, effective approach to teaching and executing advanced basketball strategies.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your team's performance with the 47 Gap Drive Sets Playbook. Order now and start transforming your offensive game today!