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Unlock the Secrets to a Winning Kickoff Return Strategy

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Benefit from over 2 hours of expert coaching content, including game film analysis, practice drill videos, and detailed position breakdowns.
  • Exclusive Insider Knowledge: Gain insights from Coach Cummings, a seasoned college coach with a proven track record of success in special teams coaching.
  • Practical Tools: Get access to downloadable PowerPoints and drills, allowing you to implement what you learn directly into your team’s practice sessions.
  • Real Game Insights: Over 30 minutes of game film with voiceover analysis, providing real-world examples of successful kickoff returns.
  • Effective Practice Drills: Over 25 minutes of practice drill footage from college sessions, designed to enhance your team's skills and coordination.
  • Detailed Position Coaching: Every position on the kickoff return team is broken down in detail, ensuring comprehensive understanding and improvement.

Why Choose the 3rd Phase COMPLETE KICKOFF RETURN Course?

  • Proven Success: Coach Cummings has led special teams to top rankings in the FCS, including leading the country in Punt Return Average and significantly improving Net Punt Average rankings.
  • Expertise at Every Level: With experience coaching at both the college and high school levels, Coach Cummings brings a wealth of knowledge and adaptability to the course.
  • Immediate Impact: Teams under Coach Cummings have seen immediate improvements, including zero points allowed by special teams units in three seasons and coaching two All-American returners.
  • Easy to Implement: With downloadable content and structured drills, you can easily integrate these strategies and techniques into your team’s training regimen.


  • Who is this course for?
    This course is designed for football coaches at all levels who want to improve their team's kickoff return performance and develop winning strategies.
  • What will I need to access the course?
    You will need a device with internet access to stream the videos and download the PowerPoints and drills.
  • How can this course change my team's performance?
    By implementing the strategies and techniques taught by Coach Cummings, you can expect to see improvements in your team's kickoff return execution, potentially leading to more scoring opportunities and better field position.
  • Is there ongoing support?
    While the course provides all the tools you need for success, ongoing support may vary. It's recommended to follow any updates or additional resources provided by Coach Cummings or the course platform.