3rd Down Defense - Mike Elko, Texas A&M Univ.


3rd Down Defense - Mike Elko, Texas A&M Univ.

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Transform Your Team's Defensive Play

Discover the secrets behind one of college football's most formidable defenses. Mike Elko, renowned for turning Texas A&M's defense into a powerhouse, is ready to share his strategies to elevate your team's performance. With Elko's insights, witness a significant transformation in your defensive play, ensuring your team becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Video Guide: A detailed 48-minute session providing in-depth analysis and strategies for improving 3rd down defense.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Mike Elko, a veteran defensive coach with a successful track record at Texas A&M and now the Head Coach at Duke University.
  • Proven Success: Gain insights from the architect of the SEC's leading defense in total, rushing, and passing defense.
  • Elite Performance: Adopt strategies that contributed to an 8-1 regular season record against SEC opponents and a top-five ranking.
  • Educational Background: Benefit from Elko's rich educational background, including a bachelor's degree in history and his experience as a former collegiate safety.

Why Choose Mike Elko's 3rd Down Defense?

Mike Elko's methods are not just theoretical. They are battle-tested strategies that have produced remarkable results at the highest levels of college football. By integrating Elko's approaches, your defense can significantly reduce opponents' third-down conversions, leading to more successful outcomes for your team. This video is not just a tutorial; it's an investment in becoming a top-tier defensive team.


  • Is this video suitable for coaches at all levels? Yes, coaches from high school to the collegiate level can benefit from the strategies discussed.
  • How can I apply these strategies to my team? The video provides actionable steps and examples that can be adapted to your team's specific needs and capabilities.
  • Will this video help improve my team's overall defense? Absolutely. Focusing on 3rd down defense is crucial, and improving in this area will naturally enhance your team's overall defensive performance.