33 sets by ERGIN ATAMAN in Anadolu Efes (Euroleague 2021)


33 sets by ERGIN ATAMAN in Anadolu Efes (Euroleague 2021)

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Attention Basketball Coaches and Strategy Enthusiasts!

Imagine having a front-row seat to the strategic mind of Ergin Ataman, the mastermind behind Anadolu Efes' bid for Euroleague glory. This exclusive collection of 33 sets used in the 2021 Euroleague showcases the high-level plays that bring the best out of star players like Shane Larkin and Vasilije Micic. Designed for the analytical coach and the strategy aficionado, these plays are your gateway to elevating your team's performance.

Why You Need This Collection

  • Comprehensive Strategy Guide: Detailed diagrams of Pick & Roll, Off Screens, Post, SLOB, and BLOB sets, meticulously prepared using FastDraw.
  • Expert Insights: Crafted by a seasoned basketball coach specializing in Xs & Os and advanced stats, and a contributor to FastModel.
  • Exclusive Content: Access to strategies that propelled Anadolu Efes to the forefront of the Euroleague.
  • Continuous Learning: Enhance your coaching library with plays that can adapt to various levels of competition.
  • Connect with the Community: Join our dedicated following on Twitter @baskeroseno and engage with like-minded strategy enthusiasts.


How can I access the 33 sets?
Upon purchase, you'll receive a digital download link to the complete collection of diagrams made with FastDraw, accessible on any device.

Who should consider buying this product?
Basketball coaches at any level, strategy enthusiasts, and fans of Ergin Ataman and Anadolu Efes. If you're looking to deepen your understanding of basketball strategies or seeking innovative plays to enhance your team's performance, this collection is for you.

Is this collection suitable for coaching at youth levels?
Absolutely! While these plays are executed at the highest levels of European basketball, the principles and strategies can be adapted and applied to various levels, including youth leagues.

Can I share the content with my coaching staff?
We encourage sharing knowledge within your coaching team; however, we ask that you respect the intellectual property and effort put into this collection by not distributing it beyond your immediate team.

Where can I find more resources or ask questions?
Connect with us on Twitter @baskeroseno or visit our website baskeroseno.com for more resources, updates, and support.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the best and take your team to the next level. Get your exclusive access to the 33 sets by Ergin Ataman today!