31 Sets Into Blocker Mover


31 Sets Into Blocker Mover

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Attention Coaches!

Are you looking to broaden your offensive playbook and enhance your team's performance on the court? Look no further! The 31 Sets Into Blocker Mover is the essential coaching tool designed to revolutionize your game strategy and bring out the best in your players.

Why Choose 31 Sets Into Blocker Mover?

This comprehensive course is packed with 30 sets that seamlessly transition into the Blocker Mover Offense, providing numerous options to enable your best players to shine. Whether used as stand-alone sets or integrated into your existing strategy, these sets are proven to be highly effective. But that's not all; the course includes:

  • Exclusive Video Demonstrations: Watch our players execute 20 of the sets in practice, accompanied by detailed explanations and Fast Draw diagrams for visual learners.
  • Detailed Fast Draw Diagram PDF: Get access to the diagrams of 31 meticulously designed sets that can be easily incorporated into your playbook.
  • Proven Success: Hear from Coach Lewis of Cambridge High School on how the "Duke" set, included in this course, significantly contributed to her team's performance in tournaments.

Meet the Expert Behind the Course

Joe Kuhn, Head Basketball Coach at Joliet Junior College, brings his wealth of experience to this course. With over 500 career wins, induction into the NJCAA Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame, and leading his team to the 2010 NJCAA National Championship, Joe shares his insights and successful strategies through this dynamic course.


Is this course suitable for high school teams?
Absolutely! The sets and strategies provided in this course are adaptable and can significantly benefit high school teams looking to enhance their offensive game.

How will this course be delivered?
Upon purchase, you will gain immediate access to the video content and the Fast Draw Diagram PDF through our online platform, allowing you to start transforming your team's performance right away.

Can these sets be integrated into any offensive system?
Yes, while these sets are designed to flow into the Blocker Mover Offense, they are versatile enough to be adapted into various offensive systems or used as effective stand-alone sets.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your coaching playbook and lead your team to victory. Unlock the potential of the 31 Sets Into Blocker Mover today!