30 sets by VINCENT COLLET in France (2021 Olympics)


30 sets by VINCENT COLLET in France (2021 Olympics)

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Attention Basketball Coaches and Enthusiasts!

Have you ever wondered what sets the world's top basketball teams apart? The answer lies not just in talent, but in strategy. France's remarkable journey to the Silver medal in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics under the guidance of VINCENT COLLET is a masterclass in strategic play and execution. Now, you have the exclusive opportunity to delve into the very essence of their success with 30 detailed sets from the Olympics playbook.

Why This Playbook Is A Game-Changer

The meticulously crafted sets within this playbook offer an unparalleled look into the strategies that nearly dethroned the USA's basketball supremacy. Whether you're a coach looking to elevate your team's performance or a basketball aficionado striving to understand the nuances of top-level basketball, these sets are your gateway to an elite level of strategic knowledge.

  • Exclusive Content: Gain insights from the playbook of VINCENT COLLET, celebrated for leading France to the brink of Olympic glory.
  • Expertly Designed Plays: Each of the 30 sets is a testament to strategic brilliance, designed for real-game situations.
  • Enhance Your Coaching: Elevate your coaching with plays tested at the highest level of international competition.
  • Learn from the Best: VINCENT COLLET's expertise distilled into actionable strategies you can implement immediately.
  • Accessible Anytime: Delivered digitally, you can start transforming your team's performance today.

Desire: Don't Miss Out on This Revolutionary Playbook

This is your chance to own a piece of basketball history and use it to chart your own course to success. Whether you're competing at the local level or aspiring to international heights, these plays can provide the edge you need. Embrace the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants and make your mark in the basketball world.

Action: Secure Your Copy Today!

Ready to take your game to the next level? Visit baskeroseno.com or reach out on Twitter @baskeroseno to secure your copy of VINCENT COLLET's 30 sets from the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Transform your coaching, understand the game deeper, and start winning more games now!


  • How will I receive the playbook?
    Upon purchase, the playbook will be delivered to you digitally, so you can access it from anywhere at any time.
  • Is this playbook suitable for all coaching levels?
    Yes, whether you're a beginner or an experienced coach, these sets are designed to be comprehensive yet understandable.
  • Can these plays be adapted to different team styles?
    Absolutely! The beauty of these sets is their versatility. They can be tailored to fit your team's unique strengths and weaknesses.