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Ignite Your Indoor Game with the 3 Star Soccer Ball

Take your futsal skills to the next level with the 3 Star Indoor Soccer Ball. Designed for precision and control on indoor courts, this premium ball delivers exceptional performance for serious players.

Unleash Powerful Touches

  • Superior Softness: Experience unmatched control with the custom hand-stitched suede cover. This premium material offers a comfortable feel for trapping, passing, and shooting.
  • Enhanced Durability: Built to withstand the intensity of indoor play, the 2-ply butyl bladder ensures the ball maintains its shape and air pressure for extended use.

Experience Uncompromising Control

  • Precise Ball Handling: The 32 hand-sewn panels create a perfectly balanced sphere, allowing for accurate passing and pinpoint shots.
  • Official Size and Weight: This indoor soccer ball adheres to official regulations for size and weight, guaranteeing a consistent playing experience.

Perfect for Aspiring Champions

  • Recommended for Ages 12 and Up: This ball is ideal for developing young players (ages 12+) who are honing their skills on the indoor court.
  • Vivid Colors: The eye-catching yellow and black design ensures excellent visibility on the court, keeping players focused on the game.

Available in Sizes 4 and 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size ball should I choose?

A: Size 4 is ideal for younger players (ages 12-14) or for recreational play. Size 5 is the official size for futsal and recommended for players 14 and over.

Q: Can this ball be used outdoors?

A: While the 2-ply butyl bladder offers good durability, this ball is primarily designed for indoor play. For frequent outdoor use, consider a soccer ball with a tougher outer shell.

Q: How do I care for the ball?

A: To maintain optimal performance, we recommend storing the ball inflated but not overinflated. Clean the surface with a damp cloth and mild soap after use.

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