3 Out 2 In Ball Screen Offense- Saint John`s University (MN)


3 Out 2 In Ball Screen Offense- Saint John`s University (MN)

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Discover the Power of 3 Out 2 In Ball Screen Offense

Immerse yourself in the strategic depth of Saint John's University (MN) and their remarkable journey to becoming the #2 ranked team in division 3 men's college basketball for the 2019-20 season. This comprehensive package, featuring a detailed video breakdown and a 13-page playbook, is your gateway to mastering the 3 Out 2 In Ball Screen Offense that propelled SJU to unparalleled success.

Why This Is a Must-Have for Coaches at Every Level

If you're a youth, high school, or college coach eager to revamp your team's offense, look no further. Our package offers unique insights into an offense that combines simplicity with effectiveness, allowing players to enjoy freedom, space, and synergy on the court. Embrace a strategy that breaks away from the predictability of traditional European ball screen offenses and unlocks the full potential of your team.

What's Included

  • 54-minute video breakdown of Saint John's University's 3 out 2 in ball screen offense, offering step-by-step analysis.
  • 13-page playbook PDF detailing roles, entries, actions, and setups within the ball screen offense, equipping you with the knowledge to implement these strategies effectively.
  • Expert insights from Coach Cloutier, a celebrated Minnesota High School basketball coach with a proven track record of success, including multiple 20-win seasons and prestigious coaching awards.

Transform Your Team's Offense Today

With the 3 Out 2 In Ball Screen Offense playbook and video, you're not just learning a new strategy; you're adopting a philosophy that emphasizes player freedom, strategic spacing, and mutual play. This isn't just an offense; it's a key to unlocking your team's potential and fostering an environment where success is not just aimed for but achieved.


Who should purchase this product?
This product is designed for basketball coaches at youth, high school, and college levels who aspire to elevate their team's performance with a proven, dynamic offense strategy.

How will this product help me as a coach?
By integrating the 3 Out 2 In Ball Screen Offense into your coaching, you will introduce your team to a flexible, yet structured offense system that encourages creativity and teamwork, leading to higher scoring opportunities and defensive challenges for your opponents.

What makes this product unique?
The insights and strategies provided in this package are derived from the successful implementation of the 3 Out 2 In Ball Screen Offense by Saint John's University. The detailed breakdown by Coach Cloutier, coupled with real game examples and a comprehensive playbook, offers an unparalleled learning experience.