26 sets by ANDREA TRINCHIERI in Bayern M�nchen (Euroleague 2021)


26 sets by ANDREA TRINCHIERI in Bayern M�nchen (Euroleague 2021)

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Discover the Winning Strategies of Bayern München in Euroleague 2021

Are you ready to delve into the mastermind strategies of ANDREA TRINCHIERI and his groundbreaking season with Bayern München in the Euroleague 2021? With our exclusive collection of 26 meticulously selected sets, you have the unique opportunity to explore the plays that left everyone in awe and marked a sensational performance in the league. Perfect for coaches, players, and basketball enthusiasts eager to elevate their game and understanding of basketball tactics.

Why Choose This Playbook?

  • Diverse Tactics: Covering Pick & Roll, Off Screens, Post, SLOB, and BLOB sets, ensuring you have a well-rounded arsenal of plays.
  • High-Quality Diagrams: All sets are illustrated with diagrams made using FastDraw, offering clear, easy-to-follow visual representations of each play.
  • Proven Success: These plays are part of a strategy that led Bayern München to become one of the greatest surprises of the 2020/2021 Euroleague season.
  • Expert Insights: Compiled by a dedicated basketball coach from Spain, specialized in Xs & Os and advanced stats, and a FastModel Contributor.
  • Exclusive Content: Access to content not found anywhere else, including a special Bayern München 2021 Euroleague QF Preview with 26 sets.


How will I receive the playbook?
Upon purchase, the playbook will be delivered digitally, enabling immediate access.

Is this playbook suitable for all levels?
Yes, this playbook is designed for basketball lovers of all levels, from aspiring coaches to seasoned players wanting to refine their strategic knowledge.

Can I get in touch for further clarification on plays?
Absolutely! I’m available on Twitter @baskeroseno and through my website baskeroseno.com for any queries or further discussion.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to explore the depths of ANDREA TRINCHIERI’s tactics that led Bayern München to their sensational performance in the Euroleague 2021. Get your exclusive playbook now and start transforming your game today!