20 Personnel Playbook for Youth Football | Spread Offense


20 Personnel Playbook for Youth Football | Spread Offense

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Unlock the Power of Spread Offense

  • Spread the Field: With 2 running backs and 3 wide receivers, effectively spread the defense and open up multiple lanes for attack.
  • Versatile H-back Use: Utilize your H-back in versatile roles including as a ball carrier, a receiver, and a blocker to create a dynamic offensive strategy.
  • Mobile QB Friendly: This playbook is designed to enhance the capabilities of a mobile quarterback, making your offense unpredictable and explosive.

Strategic Advantage with Structured Attack

  • 3 Unique Formations: Employ three different 20 personnel formations to create alignment conflicts for the defense, keeping them guessing.
  • Series Based Attack: All plays complement each other, allowing for a cohesive game strategy that is simple for your players but complex for the opposition to counter.
  • Forces Wide Defense: Make the defense cover the entire width of the field, exploiting gaps and creating opportunities for big plays.
  • No Huddle Series: Includes a bonus 3-play no huddle series for quick execution and pace control to keep the defense off balance.

Comprehensive Playbook Content

  • Instant Access: Get instant access to the playbook in a downloadable PDF format, with no waiting or shipping required.
  • Expertly Crafted Plays: Includes Power Series, Jet Series, and a No Huddle series with one-word play calls for efficient communication.
  • Authored by Coach Jeff: Benefit from the experience of Coach Jeff, a 15-year veteran of youth football coaching and co-founder of Youth Football Online.

Why Choose the 20 Personnel Playbook?

This playbook not only provides you with an effective offensive strategy but also imparts your team with an identity. It's balanced, yet versatile approach ensures that your youth football team can adapt and overcome any defensive scheme they face. With this playbook, you're not just running plays; you're conditioning the opposing defense to be on their heels, making every snap a potential game-changer.


  • Is this playbook suitable for beginners?
    Yes, it is designed to be comprehensive yet simple enough for players at all levels to understand and execute effectively.
  • Can this playbook be integrated into any youth football team?
    Absolutely. The 20 Personnel Playbook for Youth Football is versatile and can be adapted to fit the unique strengths and abilities of your team.
  • How quickly can I start using the playbook?
    Instantly. After purchase, you will receive a downloadable PDF that you can distribute to your team immediately.