2 Player Level 1 Defensive Workout


2 Player Level 1 Defensive Workout

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Transform Your Game Today

Are you ready to elevate your basketball defensive skills to new heights? The "2 Player Level 1 Defensive Workout" is designed specifically to enhance your ability to shut down the opposition effectively. With drills focusing on cutting off drives into the lane through predictable and random movements, this video workshop is your first step towards becoming a defensive powerhouse on the court. Taught by Rick Torbett, the renowned founder of BetterBasketball.com and creator of the Read and React Offense, this course is a must-have for any player serious about upping their defensive game.

What You Will Learn

  • Foundational Defensive Techniques: Master the essentials of level 1 defense to start shutting down your opponents' drives into the lane.
  • Beginner’s Bounce-Off Workout: A 4:30 minute segment dedicated to building your defensive stance and reflexes.
  • Random Bounce-Off Workout: A 2:57 minute drill that introduces unpredictability, preparing you to counter any move your opponent makes.
  • Access to Expert Instruction: Learn directly from Rick Torbett, a seasoned coach with a successful track record in basketball coaching and training.

Why Choose This Workout?

Whether you're a coach looking to improve your team's defensive capabilities or a player aiming to make a significant impact on the court, the "2 Player Level 1 Defensive Workout" offers a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of defense. With this course, you get not only the drills but also the philosophy behind effective defensive play, all packaged in an easy-to-follow, on-demand video format accessible anytime, anywhere.


Who is this workout for?
This workout is ideal for basketball players of all levels who wish to improve their defensive skills, as well as coaches looking for a structured defensive training program for their teams.

How long are the workout segments?
The course includes a 0:49 minute introduction, a 4:30 minute Beginner’s Bounce-Off Workout, and a 2:57 minute Random Bounce-Off Workout.

How can I access the workout?
The "2 Player Level 1 Defensive Workout" is available for streaming on-demand at CoachTube.com, enabling you to learn at your own pace and on your schedule.

Is prior basketball experience required?
No, the workout is designed for players at various skill levels, from beginners to those looking to refine their defensive techniques further.