2.2 MM Volleyball Net With Steel Cable


2.2 MM Volleyball Net With Steel Cable

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Reignite Your Volleyball Games with a Durable Net Built to Last

Take your volleyball games to the next level with a net that can withstand even the most intense rallies. This high-quality net is crafted from resilient 2.2 mm polyethylene netting, ensuring long-lasting performance for countless games to come.

Key Features for Competitive Play

  • Durable Netting: Made from 2.2 mm polyethylene netting, this net offers superior strength and can handle powerful spikes and digs without breaking down.
  • Large Mesh Size: The 4" square mesh provides optimal visibility for both teams, allowing for accurate passing and strategic plays.
  • Reinforced Stability: The 2" white headband with a steel cable running along the top ensures the net stays taut and maintains its official height throughout the game.
  • Regulation Size: Measuring 32' x 3', this net conforms to standard volleyball court dimensions for competitive play.

This net is perfect for both casual and competitive volleyball games, whether you're hosting a backyard tournament or practicing with your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of material is the net made from?

A: The net is constructed from 2.2 mm polyethylene netting, a strong and long-lasting material ideal for volleyball.

Q: What size is the mesh?

A: The mesh features a 4" square design, providing excellent visibility for players on both sides of the net.

Q: Does the net come with poles?

A: This listing is for the net only. Volleyball poles are sold separately.

Q: How wide is the net?

A: The net measures 3 feet wide, adhering to regulation volleyball court dimensions.

Q: What color is the net?

A: This net comes in classic black for a professional look.

Order your 2.2 mm Volleyball Net with Steel Cable today and experience the difference a high-quality net can make in your game!

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