12 Days of Drills


12 Days of Drills

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Unlock Your Potential this Holiday Season

Are you ready to elevate your basketball skills to new heights? "12 Days of Drills" is not just any training program. Designed by the renowned Alicia Komaki, head coach of the Sierra Canyon High School Girls Basketball team, this PDF download complete with video links provides you with an exclusive opportunity to learn from a coach with an extraordinary track record of success. With Alicia's drills, you will experience a transformation in your playing style that aligns with championship-winning tactics.

Why Choose "12 Days of Drills"?

  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Covering a wide range of categories including Rebounding, Ball Handling, Transition, 4v4, and 1v1 drills.
  • Expert Guidance: Alicia Komaki brings her championship-winning experience directly to you, sharing the secrets of her success.
  • Flexibility: Access the drills anytime, anywhere, with our easy-to-follow PDF guide and video links.
  • Proven Success: Leverage the strategies that have led to 207 wins and four state titles under Coach Komaki's leadership.
  • Exclusive Content: Includes links to over 50 of our drills, plus a sample video to kick start your training journey.


  • Who is this program for? "12 Days of Drills" is designed for basketball players of all levels who are serious about improving their game during the holiday season and beyond.
  • How do I access the drills? Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF download with all the instructions and links to the video drills.
  • Can I use these drills for team practice? Absolutely! These drills are perfect for individuals or teams looking to enhance their skills together.
  • How soon can I see results? With consistent practice and dedication, you can start seeing improvements in your skills within the 12 days of following this program.

Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the best in the game. "12 Days of Drills" by Alicia Komaki is your ticket to reaching new heights this holiday season. Elevate your game now!