10-1 True Pressure Based Defense


10-1 True Pressure Based Defense

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Why Choose the 10-1 True Pressure Based Defense?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From history to philosophy, position breakdown, and scheme adjustment in youth, this course covers all essential aspects of the 10-1 True Pressure Based Defense.
  • Exclusive Access: Get a free preview plus in-depth clinic sessions totaling over 1 hour and 15 minutes of targeted content.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Coach Santangelo, with 10 years of youth football coaching experience, including roles as a defensive coordinator and head coach.
  • Practical Insights: Benefit from real-world coaching insights and adjustments tailored for youth teams, enhancing both your defense strategy and game performance.
  • Resource-Rich: Gain access to valuable clinic notes and a comprehensive exploration of the 10-1 Pressure Based Defense, empowering you with knowledge to implement immediately.

Features at a Glance

  • Detailed Position Breakdowns: Understand the role and responsibilities of each position within the 10-1 formation for strategic deployment of players.
  • Adaptable Schemes: Learn how to adapt the 10-1 defense to various youth league scenarios and opponent strategies for a consistently strong defense.
  • Philosophical Foundations: Dive into the history and evolution of the 10-1 True Pressure Based Defense to understand its effectiveness and how it can be applied to today's game.
  • Designed for Youth Football: Specifically crafted with the youth coach in mind, focusing on age-appropriate teaching methods and adjustments.

Benefits of Enrolling

  • Elevate Your Coaching Game: Stand out as a coach by mastering a unique and pressure-based defense strategy that can dominate the youth football leagues.
  • Build a Strong Defensive Team: Equip your team with the skills and knowledge to effectively counter any offensive strategy, improving game outcomes.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Implementing the 10-1 True Pressure Based Defense sets your team apart, ensuring you're always one step ahead of the competition.
  • Continuous Learning: With Coach Santangelo’s expertise and the comprehensive course material, continue to grow and adapt your coaching strategies season after season.


  • Who is this course for?
    This course is ideal for youth football coaches seeking to enhance their defensive strategy and overall coaching effectiveness.
  • How long is the course?
    The course includes over 1 hour and 15 minutes of video content, along with detailed clinic notes for further study.
  • Can I apply these strategies to any youth football age group?
    Yes, the 10-1 True Pressure Based Defense is adaptable and can be tailored to suit any youth football age group from 8-14 years old.
  • Is previous coaching experience required?
    While previous coaching experience is beneficial, this course is designed to be accessible to both new and veteran coaches eager to learn and implement a powerful defense system.