10-1 Advanced Concepts


10-1 Advanced Concepts

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Why Choose 10-1 Advanced Concepts?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the foundational 10-1 Special to the dynamic Crazy Blitz Package and robust 26 Fire strategies, deepen your tactical understanding.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to over 55 minutes of clinic previews and detailed sessions, including the 10-1 Advanced Concepts Clinic, presented in a clear, engaging format.
  • Expert Coaching Insights: Learn from Coach Santangelo, with a decade of youth football coaching experience, including roles as a defensive coordinator, head coach, and offensive line coach.
  • Practical Coaching Tools: Equip yourself with Advanced Concepts Clinic Notes to bring innovative strategies from the course into your coaching practice.
  • Year-Round Learning Opportunity: Whether you're coaching football in the fall or high school rugby in the spring, this course offers valuable insights to enhance your coaching skills across seasons.

Features & Benefits

With the 10-1 Advanced Concepts, you're not just learning new tactics; you're transforming your approach to coaching. This course offers a unique blend of theoretical depth and practical application, designed to empower you with:

  • Advanced Strategies: Elevate your game plan with cutting-edge defensive and offensive strategies.
  • Engaging Learning Experience: Engage with content curated by Coach Santangelo, combining 29 years of on-field experience with innovative coaching methodologies.
  • Adaptability: Learn to adapt these strategies across different levels of youth sports, ensuring your team's competitive edge.
  • Peer Networking: Connect with a community of like-minded coaches, sharing insights and growing together professionally.

Why Invest in Your Coaching Journey?

Investing in the 10-1 Advanced Concepts is an investment in your growth as a coach. With comprehensive coverage of advanced football concepts and insights from an experienced coach, this course offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Expand Your Knowledge: Dive deep into strategies that can set your team apart from the competition.
  • Enhance Your Coaching Skills: Apply innovative tactics and coaching methods that inspire and lead your team to success.
  • Build a Winning Team: Use the advanced concepts and strategies to develop a stronger, more competitive team.


  • Who is this course for? Coaches at all levels looking to enhance their understanding of advanced football concepts, especially those working with youth teams.
  • How long is the course? The course includes over 55 minutes of clinic previews and detailed session content, along with comprehensive clinic notes.
  • Can these concepts be applied to teams outside of youth football? Yes, while the course is designed with youth football in mind, the strategies and concepts are adaptable to other levels of play, including high school rugby.