1-2-2 / 3-4 Court Press


1-2-2 / 3-4 Court Press

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Unlock the Potential of Your Team

Introducing the game-changing defensive strategy that has the power to revolutionize your team's performance: the 1-2-2 / 3-4 Court Press. Developed by the renowned coach Patt Chambers of Penn State University, this approach is more than just a formation—it's a comprehensive system designed to create turnovers, energize your team, and disrupt the opposition's offense. Whether you're looking to press aggressively to create scoring opportunities or slow down a fast-paced opponent, this strategy has you covered.

Why Choose the 1-2-2 / 3-4 Court Press?

  • Adaptable Tactics: With calls for trapping, fake trapping, and matching up man-to-man, this defense is versatile and can be adapted to any game situation.
  • Creates Turnovers: Designed to press the offense into making mistakes, leading to deflections, steals, and ultimately, more scoring opportunities for your team.
  • Energy and Aggression: Fosters an aggressive mindset among players, keeping the energy high and putting constant pressure on opponents.
  • Protects the Perimeter: While aggressively pressing, this strategy is careful not to give up 3-point shots, balancing risk and reward expertly.
  • Expert Guidance: Leveraging Coach Patt Chamber's extensive experience and success, you gain insights and tactics refined at the highest levels of college basketball.

What's Included in the Package?

This comprehensive package includes detailed video tutorials covering every aspect of the 1-2-2 / 3-4 Court Press, from basic concepts to advanced defensive maneuvers. You'll have access to Coach Chambers' insights on team setup, drill execution, and adapting your defense based on your team's unique strengths. With chapters like "How to Put a Staff Together," "Specific Defenses to Oppose the 3-point Shot," and deep dives into footwork, trapping, and player responsibilities, this package is your all-in-one solution to defensive mastery.


Is this strategy suitable for high school teams?
Yes! The 1-2-2 / 3-4 Court Press can be adapted to any level of play, from high school to college, making it a versatile tool for any coach.

How long will it take to see improvements in my team's performance?
While results can vary, teams often begin to see significant improvements in their defensive performance within a few weeks of consistent practice and implementation.

Do I need any special equipment to train my team with this strategy?
No special equipment is needed. The focus is on player positioning, movements, and teamwork, which can be practiced on any basketball court.

Dare to dominate defensively. Transform your team with the 1-2-2 / 3-4 Court Press and watch as your opponents struggle to keep up. Get started today!