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Attention All Basketball Players!

Are you ready to elevate your game to the next level? Do you want to dominate your opponents come game time? Look no further! Coach Dan Calancea, with over 25 years of coaching experience, including time as head coach for CSU BRASOV and the Romanian national teams, brings you the ultimate compilation of one-on-one basketball drills. These drills are meticulously designed to sharpen your skills, improve your gameplay, and get you game-time ready.

Why Choose 1-1 111 BASKETBALL DRILLS?

With 1-1 111 BASKETBALL DRILLS, you're not just practicing; you're evolving your game with every drill. Here's why this is your go-to basketball drill guide:

  • In-Depth Guidance: Coach Dan Calancea takes you through each drill with precise instructions, ensuring you're performing each move correctly.
  • Variety of Drills: Covering all aspects of the game, from shooting to defense, these 111 drills keep your training sessions fresh and challenging.
  • Flexibility: Regardless of your skill level or position, these drills are designed to benefit everyone from beginners to advanced players.
  • Proven Techniques: These are the same drills used by professional teams and the Romanian national teams, proven to deliver results.
  • Convenient Format: With a total duration of 46:12, you can easily fit these drills into your busy schedule, allowing for consistent practice and improvement.

How Will You Benefit?

By incorporating 1-1 111 BASKETBALL DRILLS into your training regimen, you will:

  • Sharpen your ball-handling skills and shooting accuracy.
  • Improve your defensive movements and understanding of the game.
  • Boost your overall fitness and endurance on the court.
  • Gain confidence in your one-on-one gameplay.
  • Prepare yourself to win, no matter the competition.


Who can benefit from these drills?
Players of all levels, from beginners to advanced, looking to improve their game.

How long are the drill sessions?
The total duration is 46:12, with each drill carefully timed to maximize training efficiency.

Do I need any special equipment?
No special equipment is required, just your basketball and a commitment to improve.

How soon will I see results?
Results vary by individual, but with consistent practice, improvements can be seen in as little as a few weeks.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your game. Unlock your full potential with 1-1 111 BASKETBALL DRILLS today!