35 lb Dry Line Marker


35 lb Dry Line Marker

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Effortless Field Marking: Introducing the 35 lb Dry Line Marker

Maintaining crisp field lines shouldn't be a chore. The 35 lb Dry Line Marker is a professional-grade solution that takes the hassle out of marking athletic fields, running tracks, and more. With a large capacity hopper and user-friendly design, this line marker lets you focus on what matters most: keeping your field ready for peak performance.

Heavy-Duty Construction, Built to Last

This line marker isn't afraid of hard work. The galvanized steel hopper is built to withstand years of use, while the heavy-duty telescopic handle ensures smooth operation season after season. No more worrying about flimsy parts or breakdowns interrupting your game prep.

Features for Effortless Marking

  • 35 lb Capacity Hopper: Mark large areas without constant refills.
  • Adjustable Line Width: Easily switch between 2" and 4" lines for different field marking needs.
  • Heavy-Duty Telescopic Handle: Adjust the handle height for comfortable operation for users of all sizes.
  • Four 8" Pneumatic Tires: Navigate uneven terrain with ease, thanks to the large, air-filled tires.
  • Paddle Wheel Feeder: Ensures consistent line application to avoid skips or gaps.
  • Steel Axle: Provides a strong and stable base for years of reliable use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of line material can be used with this marker? This line marker is compatible with dry marking materials, such as powdered chalk and lime.
  • How wide can the lines be? The line width is adjustable between 2" and 4".
  • How easy is it to clean? The galvanized steel hopper is easy to wipe down and maintain.

Invest in Efficiency and Take Your Field Marking to the Next Level

The 35 lb Dry Line Marker is the perfect solution for athletic fields, running tracks, and any space that requires crisp and consistent line marking. With its heavy-duty construction, user-friendly features, and large capacity, this line marker is built to save you time and effort while keeping your field looking its best.

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