Unconventional Ways in Performance Enhancement
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Application of extraordinary methods to your program enables you to be a fristmover in your field of competition which seperates you from the rest of the field. Furthermore it�s supporting you in building an outstanding identity of your coaching style and your program�s culture. Therefore this course is focusing on four sportspsychological topics with proof of science in order to have an impact on your team�s performance in more or less uncommon ways. Content The concept of embodiment and how to get awareness of your bodylanguage Lucid dreams as a chance to work on technics Experience of nature and it�s positive effects on performance Wording / Framing - how to give proper instructions and feedback to your players1 Introduction 2:11 2 Embodiment 3:36 3 Bodylanguage Selfawareness Exercise 6:16 4 Lucid Dreams 13:41 5 Experience of Nature 4:04 6 Wording / Framing 12:04 7 Refferences 1:55Certified Psychotherapist Certified Sports-Mental-Coach Graduate Team-Developer Member of Experts Pool of �BS: Austrian Federal-Network Sportspsychology Member of �GATAP: Austrian Society for aplied Depth-Psychology and General-Psychotherapy Feel free to contact me for any questions or further informations: info@praxis-spiegl.com
Edward Smith - Katy HS - Advancing Health & Human Performance
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Edward Smith - Katy HS Lecture Title: Advancing Health & Human Performance in the HS Setting Lecture delivered at the Texas High School Coaches Association 90th annual Coaching School and Convention - July 20221 Lecture Video - Edward Smith - Katy HS 0:00Edward Smith - Katy HS Lecture Title: Advancing Health & Human Performance in the HS Setting Edward �Eddie� Smith PT, DPT, SCS, ATC is a Board-Certified Sports Physical Therapist as well as a Certified Athletic Trainer. Since June of 2020 he has served in the role of Head Athletic Trainer at Katy High School. Eddie completed his undergraduate education at Louisiana State University, earning a Bachelors� Degree in Kinesiology. He received a master�s degree in Athletic Training from the University of Arkansas in 2006, followed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree received from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in 2009. He then went on and completed a one-year Sports Physical Therapy Residency program at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
Testing Quiz
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Pass the quiz1 Can You 2:33 2 Quiz 1 Test15 years and counting
What is STROBE SPORT Training?  How can it improve Reaction Time & Focus
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Intro to Strobe Sport training and how easy it is to implement into practices and pre-game preperation.� Learn why/how athletes underacheive and how it can be addressed and their performance improved.� The brain is naturally lazy.� Through resistance training on the brain (through the eyes) an athlete can scientifically improve the speed and efficiency of how the brain processes stimuli.� Improve reaction time.� Improve focus.� Reduce performace anxiety.� Improve body awareness and the ability to make adjustments. For those that may already know a little about Strobe Sport training will be challenged in their understanding and shown a significant opportunity to improve the performance and consistency in critical performace situations.1 Introduction to Strobe Sport training - improve reaction time & focus 4:51Mike Cavers is a former college and professional athlete.� He worked for NIKE for over 15 years with elite athletes, coaches and team personnel and learned firsthand how athletes at all levels deal with the rigors of performing at a high level and how easy it is for them to succumb to the pressures and self-doubts.� He has learned to approach coaching and training with an innovative mindset and help both coaches and athletes avoid slumps, choking, anxiety and inconsistent performance.