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Ignite the Passion for Box Lacrosse at Home!

Give your young athlete the perfect platform to hone their box lacrosse skills with this premium-quality goal. This net is designed specifically for the fast-paced action of box lacrosse, ensuring countless hours of enjoyment and skill development.

Built to Last - Season After Season

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction: This goal boasts a sturdy 1.5-inch diameter steel tubing frame, built to withstand the punishment of intense practice sessions and competitive games.
  • Durable Net: The high-quality 5.0 mm braided polyethylene net is designed to take a beating and bounce back for more.
  • Official Size: Measuring in at a regulation 4' x 4', this goal provides a realistic playing experience that helps young players transition seamlessly to full-size competition.

Designed for Peak Performance

  • Enhanced Visibility: The bright orange frame and contrasting white net ensure clear visibility for players and spectators alike, keeping the focus on the fast-paced action.
  • Quick Assembly: This goal is designed for easy assembly, allowing you to set up the perfect training ground in minutes.

Invest in Their Future

This box lacrosse goal is more than just a net; it's an investment in your child's athletic development. It fosters a love for the sport, improves hand-eye coordination, and builds agility – all while providing hours of fun and healthy competition.


  • What age is this goal appropriate for?

This goal is ideal for younger players or for practicing skills at any age.

  • Can this goal be used outdoors?

While the frame is weather-resistant, we recommend using this goal primarily indoors to maximize the lifespan of the net.

  • Is assembly difficult?

No, this goal is designed for easy assembly with clear instructions included.

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