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Give Your Floor Hockey Stick a New Lease on Life!

Is your once-mighty Rhino Stick a little worse for wear? Breathe new life into your favorite floor hockey equipment with a brand new Champion Sports Rhino Stick Replacement Blade! These lightweight plastic blades are built to take a beating, so you can focus on putting the biscuit in the net, not replacing your gear.

Why Choose a Champion Sports Rhino Stick Replacement Blade?

  • Durable Performance: Constructed from high-quality, lightweight plastic, these blades can handle even the hardest slapshots and maneuvers. Get ready to dominate the rink once again!
  • Floor Safe: Unlike metal blades, these Rhino Stick replacements won't scratch or damage your floors. Perfect for home games or gym class.
  • Lightweight Maneuverability: The lightweight design allows for effortless control and quick stick handling, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • Long-lasting Play: Get more mileage out of your favorite stick. These replacement blades are built to endure, so you can keep playing season after season.
  • Multiple Colors: Show off your team spirit or personalize your gear! Choose from classic blue, red, or yellow to match your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will these replacement blades fit my Rhino Stick?

A: These Champion Sports Rhino Stick Replacement Blades are designed to fit all Rhino floor hockey sticks.

Q: Do these blades come pre-sharpened?

A: No, the blades do not come pre-sharpened. However, most sporting goods stores offer sharpening services, or you can purchase a home sharpening kit.

Q: What color should I get?

A: The choice is yours! Pick your favorite color (blue, red, or yellow) to match your team or personalize your stick.

With a Champion Sports Rhino Stick Replacement Blade, you're ready to get back in the game and dominate the competition. Don't wait - order yours today!

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