Nuestra colección de videos instructivos sobre el fildeo de béisbol proporciona una variedad de ejercicios y técnicas diseñados para mejorar sus habilidades de fildeo y llevar su juego al siguiente nivel. Estos videos cubren todos los aspectos del fildeo, incluidos rodados, elevados, lanzamientos y más. Nuestros entrenadores experimentados brindan información y orientación valiosas para ayudarlo a dominar los fundamentos del fildeo y mejorar su desempeño general en el diamante. Ya seas principiante o avanzado, nuestros videos instructivos ofrecen una variedad de ejercicios que pueden ayudarte a mejorar tu velocidad, agilidad y técnica. Con nuestros videos fáciles de seguir, puedes practicar estos ejercicios por tu cuenta y llevar tus habilidades de campo a nuevas alturas.
Infielding Tips
CoachTube Infielding Tips $0.00
This is a course about infielding by Coach Johnston of www.thebaseballzone.com1 Short Hops 0:56 2 Wall Transfers 1:10 3 Defensive Backs 1:07 4 First Base Clinic - Part 1 1:07 5 Jordan Knight - College Baseball Connect 2:00 6 Creating an Angle on a Ground Ball 1:42 7 The Baseball Zone's 2012 High Performance Program 3:35 8 2012-13 Future Stars High Performance Program 0:49 9 Playing Better Catch (Solo) 0:53It is our passion for baseball that led to the creation of The Baseball Zone. Our elite, indoor baseball training complex provides and fosters an understanding and love for this game like no other. It is designed to be a welcoming home for baseball and softball players of all ages and playing levels. We employ the very best training philosophies, equipment and staff to fully assist our athletes reach their goals. We maintain a sporting atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of baseball for everyone that comes through our doors. We will also make your every visit to The Baseball Zone a friendly, invigorating experience that the team, the youth and the elite athlete will be challenged by, learn from and want to return to again and again.
Outfield Play: The Defense�s Secondary
CoachTube Outfield Play: The Defense�s Secondary $29.00
Bob Morgan's�"Outfield Play: The Defense's Secondary"�is a�must have�resource for coaches and athletes who want to better understand the critical factors involved in fundamentally solid outfield play. These coaching videos�discuss the crucial components for the last line of defense�including�throwing grip,�stance, creep steps, and proper techniques and footwork for catching the baseball. It also reviews routes to the ball, playing the fence, and fielding a ground balls with no one on base and men on base. In addition, the course covers how outfielders should play hitters, as well as presenting several drills that coaches can incorporate into their team's practice schedule to develop their outfielders.�Topics covered include:Stance & creep stepsFocus on the batterCatching drillsInside/outside routesCatching at the fenceCatching the ball off the wallThrowing the baseballBlocking the ball & do-or-diePlaying the hittersDrills1 Introduction 1:03 2 Stance & Creep Steps Free 1:06 3 Focus on the Batter 0:38 4 Catching the Ball 0:40 5 Catching Drill 0:59 6 Catching the Fence 1:13 7 Catching the Ball Off the Wall 0:59 8 Throwing the Baseball 2:14 9 Blocking the Ball & Do or Die 2:13 10 Playing Hitters 3:52 11 Footwork Drill 2:01 12 Turn & Burn Drill 0:47 13 The Hoosier Drill Free 0:00 14 Communication Drill 0:00Former head baseball coach at Indiana University Bob Morgan�directed the IU�Hooiser�s �program for 22 seasons. Morgan led his teams during the course of his career to a 1,070-586-6 (.646) record�one of�30�NCAA Division I baseball coaches in�history with 1,000 career victories. A part�of the most respected coaches in the game, Morgan is a 1969 graduate of Ohio University, where he earned three letters as a pitcher for the Bobcats.
Coaching First Basemen
CoachTube Coaching First Basemen $29.00
The value of first basemen goes far beyond just being able to hit. Start converting bad throws into outs and preventing runners from scoring with this baseball coaching course. Coaching First Basemen provides a detailed overview of the fundamental skills and techniques involved in becoming a sound fielding first baseman. Utilizing on-the-field demonstrations, the course shows and explains various drills that are designed to improve the skills necessary to play first base. The videos cover such aspects of play as footwork, positioning, the cutoff play, making throws to second, and handling balls thrown in the dirt.1 Introduction 2:47 2 Advantages of Right Handers and Left Handers Free 2:18 3 Feeds to the Right Pitcher Covering First 5:39 4 Throws to Second Base 3:41 5 The Cut Off Play 1:55 6 Throwing Back To First After Fielding A Ball 1:49 7 Stance Footwork Positioning at the Base 0:00 8 Approaching the Base on the Run 0:00 9 Positioning at the Base to Receive Various Throws 0:00 10 The Dirt Ball 0:00 11 Fielding Fly Balls 0:00 12 Conclusion 0:00George Valesente�is the head baseball coach at Ithaca College, a position he assumed in 1978. During his exceptional career at the helm of the Bombers� diamond program, Valesente has guided Ithaca to two national championships (1980 and 1988), nine World Series, and 21 NCAA post-season berths in all. His teams have never had a losing season and have won more than 70 percent of their games. The Bombers have been a force in the Empire Athletic Association as well, capturing 13 league titles and two runner-up finishes during Valesente�s tenure at Ithaca. He is a 1966 graduate of Ithaca College, where he lettered in soccer, basketball, and baseball and played on NCAA playoff teams in all three sports. From Ithaca, Valesente entered the professional baseball ranks, where he spent four seasons in the minors, advancing as far as the Triple A level. In his career a Ithaca, Valesente has coached 19 All-Americans and 24 players who have signed professional baseball contracts. One of the most respected coaches in the game, he has been honored many times for his coaching accomplishments, having been voted the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Division III Coach of the Year in 1980 and 1988, and having earned district coach of the year recognition in 1980, 1981, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1992, and 1994.
Infield Play
CoachTube Infield Play $29.00
Infield Play�presents a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals, techniques, and skills involved in being a sound infielder. Each key factor of effective infield play is explained and demonstrated in a way that is easy to understand and apply. This instructional baseball coaching video�is an invaluable resource for coaches who want to improve the performance of their infielders.�Among the topics covered:-Playing catch-Getting jumps-Assuming the proper field position-Strategic positioning-Pivoting-Fielding fly balls-Developmental drills1 Intro 0:55 2 Catch Play Fundamentals Free 8:29 3 Footwork 2:37 4 Long Hop Drill 3:36 5 Four Corners Rhythm Drill 5:10 6 Fielding Position Fundamentals 10:21 7 Individual Defense Fundamentals & Techniques 18:13 8 Positioning 0:00 9 First Step & Reaction Drills 0:00 10 Conclusion 0:00George Horton�is the head baseball coach at Cal State Fullerton, a position he assumed in the fall of 1996 after spending the previous six years as the associate head coach for the Titans under legendary coach Augie Garrido. A 1978 graduate of Cal State Fullerton, Horton has had an exceptional career at the helm of his alma mater�s diamond program. In his first nine seasons, he led the Titans to a 356-154-1 overall record and guided his teams to five conference championships, four trips to the College World Series, and a national title in 2004. For his accomplishments, he has twice been named National Coach of the Year (2003 and 2004). Horton began his head coaching career at Cerritos College (CA) where he guided the Falcons to three junior college state championships in six years. He is widely respected as one of the best coaches in the game.
Fielder's 101: The Basics for Infielders and Outfielders
CoachTube Fielder's 101: The Basics for Infielders and Outfielders $15.00
Want to prove yourself as an invaluable asset to your team? Fundamentals are your foundation for achieving your goals. In Fielder's 101: The Basics for Infielders and Outfielders, Coach Marshall demonstrates the basics of great fielding by paying special attention to each section of the field. The course is divided into�three parts�including the outfield, middle and infield, giving every player the attention they need to achieve success.�Topics covered include:- Footwork- Catching- Ground balls- Tagging runners- First baseman's duties- Catching low throws- Third Baseman's duties1 Footwork For Outfielders Free 1:33 2 How to Call A Catch Free 1:05 3 Outfielders and Ground Balls 1:41 4 Outfielders Backing Up the Play 1:04 5 Tagging A Base Runner 0:44 6 Second Baseman Pivot 0:23 7 First Baseman's Duties 0:00 8 How To Catch Low Throws At First 0:00 9 Third Baseman Fielding a Bunt 0:00About John:John Marshall is the former varsity baseball coach at Kinnelon High School in Kinnelon, N.J. He also has coached Babe Ruth League and American Legion teams. Marshall played collegiately at Harvard University and then for the semi-pro Paramus Pitbulls of the North Jersey Amateur Baseball League.
The Basics of Fielding for Youth Baseball
CoachTube The Basics of Fielding for Youth Baseball $9.00
Teach your young players how to field like pros with this detailed overview from Duke Baxter. From selecting gloves to catching fly balls, this course presents a practical approach to fielding drills and techniques for youth players. Topics covered include:- Catching drills- Positions- Charging grounders- Catching fly balls- Hand positions- Playing first - third base- Shortstop positioning1 Catching Drill for Young Players Free 1:13 2 Ready Position Free 0:42 3 The Fielding Triangle Free 1:18 4 Hand Position for Fielding 0:49 5 Charging Grounders 1:01 6 Catching Fly Balls 0:56 7 Drop Step For Fly Balls 0:00 8 Hand Position For Fly Balls 0:00 9 Developing Soft Hands 0:00 10 How To Play First Base 0:00 11 How To Play Second Base 0:00 12 How To Play Third Base 0:00 13 Shortstop Positioning 0:00Duke Baxter�is CEO and Head Coach at Zoned Sports Academy as well as an inventor, entrepreneur, and most importantly husband and dad of four.� Duke spent over 2 decades teaching and coaching the game of baseball and softball alongside some of the most renowned coaches in the game.� Duke also spent 3 years playing professional baseball, finishing up his final year with the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League.� Duke holds numerous hitting records at the University of North Florida where he finished his BA in Health Administration and a Minor in Business managementDuke is the inventor of the HotHands training device, which improves and perfects fielding skills.
Infielding for Youth Baseball
CoachTube Infielding for Youth Baseball $15.00
Start your players off on the right foot by coaching them on the most essential aspects of playing youth baseball. Infielding for Youth Baseball is a 10 part series that demonstrates effective coaching techniques for young players that will provide them with the foundation they need to develop their skills.1 Footwork For Fielding Grounders Free 3:08 2 Backhanding Grounders Free 1:58 3 Fielding A Slow Roller 2:01 4 Second Baseman Double Play 2:46 5 Routine Double Plays 1:38 6 Shortstop Double Play 1:46 7 Shortstop Backhand and Throw 0:00 8 Throwing to Second Base 0:00 9 The Flip Feed 0:00 10 The Dish Feed 0:00In 2009, Nick Giaquinto entered his 21st season as head coach of the Sacred Heart University baseball program, including every one since the Pioneers entered the Division I level in 2000.During Giaquinto's tenure, Sacred Heart went to the NCAA Division II Tournament three times and reached the Division II World Series in 1992. He has coached two All-Americas, had three players sign professional contracts and been honored as the Northeast Region and New England Collegiate Conference "Coach of the Year" by the New Haven Diamond Club.As much as Giaquinto knows about baseball, he also owns a Super Bowl ring. He played football at the University of Connecticut before graduating in 1979. His 277 yards rushing against Holy Cross in 1976 is still the school's single-game record. He then went on to a four-year NFL career, beginning with the Miami Dolphins in 1980. He was a member of the Washington Redskins� 1982 squad that defeated the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII.
Creating Athletic, Consistent, Exceptional (A.C.E.) Infielders
CoachTube Creating Athletic, Consistent, Exceptional (A.C.E.) Infielders $17.00
Many infield drills and philosophies create rigid robotic infielders who never reach their full athletic potential. �This course is the same philosophies and drills used by NCAA Gold Glove Short Stop Same Klein, and�will show you how to create infielders that are Athletic, Consistent, and Extraordinary, placing the emphasis of your coaching on footwork, athleticism, game like reps in practice, and competitive games that will have allow your infielders translate their practice performance to in game success.1 A.C.E. Infielder Introduction Free 4:00 2 How to develop A.C.E. infielders, philsophy 9:56 3 Warm-up Agility Drills for Infielders Free 4:06 4 Four Corner and Rundown Warm-up 5 Four corner flips left 0:14 6 Four corner flips right 0:06 7 Four corners left overhand 0:13 8 Four corners right overhand 0:09 9 Productive Throwing Program For Infielders 10 Pre-Pitch Routine 1:49 11 Pre-Pitch Positioning 5:34 12 Fielding Routine Ground Balls 9:16 13 Fielding Backhands 3:02 14 Cutoff Rules for Infielders Video 4:44 15 Cutoff Rules for Infielders PDF 16 Accepting Throws and Making Tags 1:09 17 Pop-up Communication System 18 Pop-Up Communication Video 7:04 19 Footwork for 1st Basemen 6:31 20 Double Play Feeds from SS 6:47 21 Double Play Feeds from 2nd Base 4:05 22 Double Play Turns from SS 5:01 23 Double Play Turns, the Pivot From 2nd Base 4:46 24 Blocked vs. Random Practice Free 2:32 25 Quick Transfer, No Glove 0:55 26 Quick Transfer w/ Glove 0:42 27 Two Knee, No Glove 1:47 28 Two Knee, No Glove, Backhand 1:35 29 Wide Base, No Glove 0:55 30 Wide Base, Backhand w/ Glove 0:52 31 Short Hop Game 1:52 32 Backhand Shorthop 1:52 33 Form Fielding 2:27 34 Backhand Simulation 2:24 35 Full Infield Drills PDF 36 Full Infield Drills Video 5:58 37 Tactical Games for Infielders PDF 38 Tactical Games For Infielders Video 5:27 39 10 Week Infield Development Plan 40 Developing Dynamic Outfielders 41 Four Corner and Rundown Warm-up � DOWNLOAD 42 Productive Throwing Program For Infielders � DOWNLOAD 43 Cutoff Rules for Infielders PDF � DOWNLOAD 44 Pop-up Communication System � DOWNLOAD 45 Full Infield Drills PDF � DOWNLOAD 46 Tactical Games for Infielders PDF � DOWNLOADCoach Kyle Nelson is the owner and founder of the Cornerstone Coaching Academy, a company dedicated to serving and educating amateur baseball coaches all over the globe. �He is also the head baseball coach at Burlington Central High School, in Burlington, IL where he has put his teachings to use to the tune of 8 conference titles, and 5 regional titles in the past 10 years while mentoring over 40 players on to the college and professional ranks.
The Foundational 18 Drills You Need to Build Your Infield
CoachTube The Foundational 18 Drills You Need to Build Your Infield $14.99
This course features our general infield drills. What is different from us than the rest of all the drills online is that we really believe in the progressive order drills should go in. Drills, like teaching, is meant to build off of prior and previous knowledge. In this course you will have the foundational and fundamental set of 18�Drills to Build Your Infield.1 The Approach Free 2:31 2 Backhand 1 0:33 3 Backhand 2 0:42 4 Backhand Throw Left Foot 1:54 5 Backhand Throw Right Foot 1:49 6 Circlebacks 1:44 7 Crossover Drill 0:00 8 Forehand Throwing Drill 0:00 9 Glove-side Approach Free 0:00 10 Glove-side Retreat 0:00 11 The Hop 0:00 12 Sharp Angle Cut 0:00 13 Transition Drill 0:00 14 Triangle Position 0:00 15 Two Step Throw Free 0:00 16 Wake Up Your Feet 0:00 17 Wake Up Your Feet (with Ball) 0:00 18 Lift Tag vs Swipe Tag 0:00National Epstein Master Certified Hitting Instructor (2009) Missouri High School Hall of Fame: Coach (2015) Greater St. Louis Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame: Coach (2016) Bob Broeg Annual Award - Greater St. Louis Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame (2017) 600+ Wins (3rd Overall in Missouri High School History) Founder of Coach Baseball Right
Ultimate Infield with Perry Hill
CoachTube Ultimate Infield with Perry Hill $39.95
Ultimate Infield is the brainchild of Seattle Mariner's Major League Infield Coach Perry Hill. This course is organized into chapters containing specific skill sets that are demonstrated by pro and youth players. This video can be used as a lesson plan by coaches for little league, high school, and college teams, and is a must-have for parents and coaches serious about properly developing young players. 6 F's! The Ultimate Infield Course illustrates Perry Hill�s Infield System which is responsible for MLB Fielding Records and Gold Gloves spanning three decades. The system is simple to teach and learn and is taught throughout every level of the Marlins Player Development Program. The beauty of the system is that it can be taught to every aspiring infielder, from Little League all the way to the Major Leagues! �Developed over 30 years in professional baseball, this system will help bring your coaching to a Gold Glove level. Start Learning and Teaching the 6 F's today!1 Introduction Free 1:31 2 F-1 Feet Free 1:38 3 F-2 Field 1:08 4 F-3 Funnel 1:17 5 F-4 Footwork 1:33 6 F-5 Fire 0:40 7 F-6 Follow 0:47 8 Youth League Player - Infield 1:38 9 At 2nd Base 6:24 10 At Shortstop 3:05 11 The Knee Drill 3:14 12 The Wide Base Drill 4:07 13 The Routine Backhand 7:01 14 Putting It All Together Free 2:32 15 Perry Hill�s Infield Manual 16 Perry Hill�s Infield ManualCurrent Miami Marlins Major Legue Infield Coach 22 years as a Major League Coach Career Highlights 2017 Fielding Percentage Leader: .988 (Miami Marlins Team Record) 2017 Infield Coach of the Year (MLB Network) Fewest MLB Errors in 2017 (73) 2016 Marlins set an all time MLB record with 28 Consecutive errorless games Fielding Leader Three Times with Three Teams�(1997 Tigers, 2001 Pirates, 2017 Marlins) Coached Players to Seven Gold Glove Awards:�(Luis Castillo, Orlando Cabrera, Derrek Lee, Mike Lowell, Dee Gordon) 2014 Best Infield Coach�(Boston Globe survey of MLB Executives and Coaches)�� The MLB Network Awards took some time to recognize the best coaches throughout baseball that are too often overlooked. Their �Men Behind The Curtain� segment honored Perry Hill with the 2017 Infield Coach of the Year award. While announcing the award Billy Ripken and Harold Reynolds had some very nice things to say about Coach Hill. He understands the fundamentals of infield playLed baseball with fewest errorsThey execute pick offs really wellHelps young infielders with a game plan to handle the speed of the game at the Major League level
Winning with Consistent Outfield Play
CoachTube Winning with Consistent Outfield Play $20.00
Coach Jake goes deep into the essentials of great outfield play. A very underlooked subject but very valuable. The higher you get in baseball, the bigger impact a good outfield unit can make on a team. From saving runs to keeping runners in check to allowing your pitchers to throw confidently knowing they have a good defense behind them, there's no limit to what a good outfield can do for your team. Jake is going to share with you different principles, strategies, and drills you can use to improve your outfielders right away. He talks about things like: The Communication Factor Important Numbers & Stats To Strive For Building Athletic Outfielders Plus more... Stay tuned at the end for an open Q/A session, maybe one of your questions will be asked and answered.1 Introduction Free 2:14 2 Outfielding Absolutes 3:16 3 Keeping Double Play In Order Free 2:18 4 Practice Like You Play 3:40 5 What Is Really Important? 3:28 6 Arm Strength 0:00 7 Athleticism 3:01 8 Mindset & Approach 5:49 9 Mental Responsibilities 2:30 10 Ready For Action - Ground Balls 5:01 11 Fly Balls 6:06 12 Outfield Drills - W, Snake, Dive 2:10 13 Q/A: Football or Track Players 3:30 14 Closing Q/A 6:20Jake Boss Jr. was appointed the 16th head coach in Michigan State baseball history on July 1, 2008, and has quickly become one of the most successful coaches in the program�s 131-year history. In 11 seasons at MSU, Boss has compiled a 333-269 (.553) record. His 333 wins are the most over an 11-year span in program history. Five of the 10 winningest seasons in MSU history have come under Boss� direction. He has guided the Spartans to 30-win seasons in seven of the last 11 years, as well as the Big Ten regular-season championship in 2011 and the NCAA Tournament in 2012. During Boss� tenure at Michigan State, MSU has had 34 selections in the Major League Baseball Draft, including three or more in six of the last 10 years. Three Spartans were selected in the 2019 draft: Mitchell Tyranski (12th round, Los Angeles Dodgers), pitcher Indigo Diaz (27th round, Atlanta Braves) and infielder Marty Bechina (32nd round, Oakland Athletics). One MSU player was selected in the 2018 draft: Riley McCauley (14th round, Chicago Cubs), after four Spartans were selected the 2017 draft: Alex Troop (ninth round, Washington), Brandon Hughes (16th round, Chicago Cubs), Nathan Witt (17th round, Los Angeles Dodgers) and Joe Mockbee (29th round, Chicago White Sox). Michigan State had four juniors selected in the 2016 draft: Cam Vieaux (sixth round, Pittsburgh), Jordan Zimmerman (seventh round, Los Angeles Angles), Dakota Mekkes (10th round, Chicago Cubs) and Matt Byars (24th round, Minnesota). The 2015 draft saw a school-record eight players taken: Cam Gibson (fifth round, Detroit), Ryan Krill (ninth round, New York Yankees), Anthony Misiewicz (18th round, Seattle), Cam Vieaux (19th round, Detroit), Jeff Kinley (28th round, Miami), Mick VanVossen (28th round, Washington), Blaise Salter (31st round, Detroit) and Mark Weist (37th round, San Francisco).
Infield Play & Strategies with Mike Ramazzotti
CoachTube Infield Play & Strategies with Mike Ramazzotti $0.00
Infielders are grinders and you have to be a grinder of a coach to develop them. They're willing to do the work they need to do, it is your job as the coach to get them the right skills and drills to develop. In this course, you'll get access to Coach Ramazzotti's presentation where he shares his secrets on what it takes to be a great infielder. You'll learn things like: Specific Drills for All Infielders Factors of Infielder Development Glove & Footwork Positioning and more! Coach Mike is a student of the game which is what makes him such a great coach. He will share the resources and mentors that helped to guide him down his journey in hopes that you might reap the same benefits. There is a great Q/A session at the end so stick around.1 Background 2:41 2 Infield Development 2:08 3 Maximize Skill Development 3:58 4 Putting The System In Place 3:00 5 Training First Basemen Free 2:25 6 Glove Skills 2:05 7 Deciding Inside vs Out 2:04 8 Wall Ball Clip 4:30 9 5 Cone Drill Free 3:25 10 One Hand Drills 5:37 11 Weighted Balls 2:11 12 Feet 3:59 13 Field 4:46 14 Funnel, Footwork, & More 4:25 15 Closing Q/A 9:13Coach Michael Ramazzotti is an infield specialist and he is currently the assistant coach at UC San Diego. He also coached across the street at University of San Diego for two years before joining UCSD. After college baseball, Mike played professional baseball overseas in the Italian Baseball League with the Marina Waves.
Clay Cox - Building The Complete Infielder
CoachTube Clay Cox - Building The Complete Infielder $0.00
During this course, Clay is going to share some amazing insights into what it takes to be an elite level infielder. Come watch his presentation where he teaches you things like: Catch Play Routines The Intangibles of A Great Infielder Footwork Fundamentals and more! Clay runs "Infield U" so he knows infielding like the back of his hand. Developing infielders to be well rounded is what separates good infielders from elite. You'll learn how to train your infielders to get them to that next level, both on and off the field.1 Introduction 3:52 2 The Communication Factor 3:25 3 Creating Good Habits 1:52 4 Building Blocks - (Pre) Pre-Pitch 1:52 5 Now Let's Talk Pre-Pitch 7:24 6 Field, Drop Step Free 2:20 7 Collect, Direction & Distance 3:39 8 Finish - Catch Play 2:20 9 Charts & Data 6:11 10 Individualized Practice 2:38 11 Closing Q/A 9:09Clay Cox has been the head coach of the Paris Junior College baseball program since June of 2016. In his time at the helm, 36 players have continued their careers at four-year universities, with 84 percent of those transferring to Division I schools. During that time, PJC has seen 11 All-Conference selections and 5 All-Region selections. The Dragons have excelled in the classroom as well as on the field, boasting 38 Academic All-Americans and twice finishing runner-up nationally in Team GPA. Prior to his time at Paris JC, Cox spent time coaching at University of West Alabama and in the high school ranks at Rockdale High School, in addition to summers coaching in the Texas Collegiate League where he had a lot of success. Along with his role as head coach, Cox is Founder of Infield U and is active in sharing his coaching practices with the baseball community.
Blue Collar Lockdown Infield Training Series
CoachTube Blue Collar Lockdown Infield Training Series $125.00
DEVELOP AND PERFECT YOUR SKILLS� Want to become a great player? Not sure exactly how to achieve that? Look no further! We devised a perfect plan just for you! Best of all, no trainers, coaches, or fancy equipment required. All that is needed is focus, sweat equity, and daily commitment all from�your�home! The complete step by step plan to make your dream a reality is now just a click away! Time to eat! The brand-new Trosky/Mongero Blue Collar Lockdown Elite Training for coaches and players Includes: Immediate access to detailed, but simple to follow, weekly training plan. Get started becoming the best right now! Specific individual training routines (PDF Files) for 6 days of the week. Day seven is rest and recovery Accompanying instructional video links that are used to teach and demonstrate every area of training in the series Motivational video to help keep you focused This Series will help you: Train to become a great infielder at home with no coaches, work out partners, or fancy equipment Raise your awareness of all there is to know about infield development and skill training Become the best infielder possible. This training is not for the faint of heart! � Why The Blue Collar Lockdown Infield Training Series: Want to train to significantly improve your infield play, but don�t know what to do or where to get started? �Well look no further�.Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero spent hundreds of hours collaborating to create the perfect weekly/daily plan just for you! Its time to eat! Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero have 50+ years of combined Elite infield instruction experience. They travel the USA putting on Elite Infield Camps where players travel from all over the country to attend. Through this product they become your personal daily trainers. Accompanying instructional video provided for each area of your daily training. Will help you stay focused and learn the skills/drills faster and execute them correctly. A no frills, cut to the chase, blue collar program that teaches you skills and drills that matter most. Learn to train at a level faster and more challenging then the game itself. This approach improves confidence and success once the umpire says �play ball!� Developed for players, parents, and coaches. Everyone who loves infield play will benefit from this awesome series Created to be effective for the beginning infielder all the way to the most advanced. Yes, even pro players would benefit from this program! Enter the program at your current skill set and start growing as an infielder The best infielders must also be great hitters. This program includes offensive training and routines to speed up improvement at the plate. You can advance your game to the highest level and never leave your house! No coaches or training partner required. Now you can train all by your self at any time of the day No fancy equipment needed. Weekly training plan laid out for you in a step-by-step, simple to follow format. It�s like having Elite Infield Camp in your back yard! All for the price of one private lesson! Learn effective training routines you can carry with you for your entire career!1 Lockdown Series - Introduction 2 Lockdown Calendar - Day by Day 3 Lockdown - Monday's Routine 4 Functional Lower Body Strength Series 8:06 5 Pre-Pitch Routine Practice Free 2:07 6 Quick Feet Drills 1:42 7 Jump Rope Series 1:53 8 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 9 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 10 Series A Training 3:29 11 Lockdown - Tuesday's Routine 12 Arm Care Routine 6:18 13 Core Exercises 5:38 14 Throwing Drills - No Ball 1:47 15 Throwing Drills With Ball 5:08 16 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 17 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 18 Double Play Feeds 7:44 19 Double Play Pivots 7:15 20 Corner Infield Drills 4:59 21 Hitting Drills With Balls 11:24 22 No Ball Hit Training 8:02 23 Lockdown - Wednesday's Routine 24 Functional Upper Body Strength 5:48 25 Jump Rope Series 1:53 26 Quick Feet Drills 1:42 27 Pre-Pitch Routine 2:07 28 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 29 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 30 Series A 3:29 31 Lockdown - Thursday's Routine 32 Arm Care Routine 6:18 33 Functional Core Workout 5:38 34 Throwing Drills - No Ball Free 1:47 35 Throwing Drills - With Ball 5:08 36 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 37 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 38 Double Play Feeds 7:44 39 Double Play Pivots 7:15 40 Corner Infielder Drills 4:59 41 Hit Training - No Balls 8:02 42 Hitting Drills With Balls 11:24 43 Functional Lower Body Workout 8:06 44 Lockdown - Friday's Routine 45 Jump Rope Series 1:53 46 Pre-Pitch Routine 2:07 47 Quick Feet Drills 1:42 48 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 49 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 50 Series A 3:29 51 Lockdown - Saturday's Routine 52 Functional Upper Body Workout 5:48 53 Arm Care Routine 6:18 54 Functional Core Workout 5:38 55 Throwing Drills - No Balls 1:47 56 Throwing Drills - With Balls 5:08 57 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 58 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 59 Double Play Feeds 7:44 60 Double Play Pivots 7:15 61 Corner Infielder Drills 4:59 62 Hit Training - No Balls 8:02 63 Hit Training - With Balls 11:24 64 Motivation Video #1 6:48 65 Motivation Video #2 3:04 66 Motivation Video #3 1:48 67 Motivation Video #4 Free 1:41Trent Mongero Trent Mongero is a State Champion and 2017 ABCA National High School Coach of the Year. He is the author of Winning Baseball, a nationally acclaimed two-book/digital video instructional series. His high school teams have won over 450 games. He is a national clinician and has presented on the main stage at the American Baseball Coaches Convention as well as seven different state baseball conventions. Mongero is a former Division I Conference Player of the Year and member of the UNCW All-Decade Team. He was an infielder in the Braves organization. He is a current Associate Scout for the Red Sox. � Nate Trosky Nate Trosky is a professional scout, serves and has served as a baseball clinician at various colleges & universities including Stanford, USC, USF, UCSB, Cal Poly, and Santa Clara University. He works with Area Code Baseball and has served as the New Balance Area Code Camp Director and with USA Baseball Break Through Series (BTS) Player Development. He the founder and CEO of Trosky Baseball, one of the top Travel Baseball and College Showcase organizations in the country. Coach Trosky has contributed to over 7,000 players playing college baseball and over 400 in professional baseball, with numerous first round selections, including some of the game�s best players (e.g. Christian Yelich, Nolan Arenado, Joc Pederson, Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Moustakas, Garret Cole, Lucas Gialito, Max Freed, and others). Coach Trosky received All-American and Scholar Athlete awards in college and holds a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership / Youth � Family Development. His baseball endeavors have taken him around the world, coaching in South Africa, Japan, China, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. Coach Trosky was the head coach of Monterey Peninsula College and coached with the German, Croatian, and South African National teams. He coached professionally in Europe and in three American Minor Leagues. In the German Big Leagues, he won a National Championship as Head Coach of the Cologne Dodgers and was named Germany�s Coach of the Year. Annually, Coach Trosky coaches in the Dominican Republic with top Dominican academies and professional Dominican instructors.
Team Defense
CoachTube Team Defense $9.95
Want to make your defense all-around better? Then you've come to the right place! In this course, Coach Kevin Hooper reveals his team defense strategies that you need to know in order to mitigate mistakes and improve your defense. He includes things like: Pop Fly Priority Cuts & Relays PFP Pickoffs and Rundowns Scripted Plays He even has a Q&A section for common questions, and uses videos to fully show everything in detail!1 Summary 0:20 2 Team Defense 1:42 3 Pop Fly Priority 3:32 4 Pop Fly Drill Free 2:22 5 Cuts & Relays 6:59 6 Empty Bases - Down the Left Field Line Free 1:10 7 Empty Bases - Left Center Field 0:15 8 Empty Bases - Right Center Field 0:20 9 Empty Bases - Right Field Line 0:42 10 Double Cuts w-1B Occupied 1 1:06 11 Double Cuts w-1B Occupied 2 1:03 12 Double Cuts w-1B Occupied 3 0:18 13 Tripod Drill 1:36 14 Tripod Drill Variation 1:45 15 Tripod Drill 2nd Variation 1:12 16 Principles 3:32 17 Pickoffs & Rundowns Clip 2:30 18 Drill 0:21 19 Scripted Plays Sheet 2:47 20 Scripted Plays Drill 2:27 21 Final Thoughts 0:35 22 Q&A 7:56Kevin Hooper | Padres Kevin Hooper is the infield coach for the San Diego Padres. He used to be the manager for the Witchita Wingnuts but moved to the padres prior to the 2016 season. Kevin Hooper played in the minor leagues for the following organizations: Florida Marlins New York Yankees Kansas City Royals Detroit Tigers Witchita Wingnuts