1 on 1 Skill Development for the 4 Out Drive & Kick Offense by Travis Ford Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Travis Ford (Rental)-1 on 1 Skill Development for the 4 Out Drive & Kick Offense $18.99
Drive & Kick Offense 1 on 1 Skill Development for the 4-Out St. Louis head coach Travis Ford has rebuilt the Billikens’ program focusing on the development of his players’ individual skills. Ford’s 2019 team won the Atlantic 10 Conference tournament and advanced to the NCAA tournament. They got there following the tough, hard-working culture instilled by Ford. In this Drive & Kick Offense video, he shares a number of 1-on-1 moves and drills designed to help players improve their dribbling skills and their ability to beat defenders off the dribble. Drive & Kick Offense Warmup Drills From the 4-Out Drive and Kick set up, Ford gets his athletes warmed up with a drive and kick drill. The drill is designed to teach players how to play high and wide around the 3-point line. When a player drives to the basket, his teammates learn how to rotate properly. Players become accustomed to being shot-ready while learning to play fast. 1 on 1 Drills All players need to be able to handle the ball. Ford takes his players through a series of ball handling drills that work on moves such as inside-out, hesitation, and the between the legs crossover. As the players execute each move, they learn to over-exaggerate their actions and attack the defender. Players also learn how to deal with contact, staying balanced, and attacking the rim. 1 on 1 Ball Spins In this segment of the Drive & Kick Offense , players work on catching the ball in a triple threat position and pivoting. The jab step is incorporated here and players learn to use that jab while keeping their eyes on the defender. Players in a shot-ready position learn to use a shot fake and Coach Ford demonstrates a shot fake crossover to beat a defender. The circle rip through is also taught as this move gives players an advantage in attacking the rim. Quick Decision 1 on 1 Coach Ford’s final segment puts all of the drills to use in more game-like situations. Players use the moves they have been taught – catch and shoot, shot fake, or circle rip through – in the open court and half court. Players must make quick decisions on which move to use. Throughout his career, Coach Ford has developed a number of very talented college players. The drills used in this video are the same Coach Ford has used through the years and they can help your players become better basketball players within your offense. Rent this Drive & Kick Offense DVD today.
Transition Defense & Defending The Ball Screen by Travis Ford Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Travis Ford (Rental)-Transition Defense & Defending The Ball Screen $17.99
Transition Defense Drills & Defending the Ball Screen To play defense at a high level, teams must be great in two areas – transition and defending ball screens. St. Louis University head coach Travis Ford discusses both in this video. You will see the same drills Coach Ford uses in practice on a daily basis to manage transition defense. Plus, Coach Ford shows you two techniques – hard hedge and icing – for defending ball screens. Ford has carved out a niche for himself as a defensive-minded coach. As the former head coach at Oklahoma State, Ford took the Cowboys to five NCAA tournaments in eight seasons. At UMass, Ford’s 2007-08 team was the NIT runner-up. His teams have always been known for their defense. Transition Defense Drills & Roles One of the common problems Coach Ford sees with transition defense is players that either stick to their positional counterpart or those that run back and defend an area. Coach Ford alleviates those problems by assigning three different roles to ensure the primary ball handler is unable to establish his or her game, that position mismatches are used to your advantage, and the all defenders sprint back to stop any basket. Stoppers: this is your best full-court, on-ball defender Protectors: a slower player who is least likely to get a defensive rebound Sprinters: three players that crash the boards then sprint back to stop specific shots Coach Ford takes you through a few drills to help players better understand the concepts and skills they need to get back on defense. Each drill creates an attacking, aggressive mindset that must stop ball handlers from advancing the ball up the floor. Ball Screen Defense Coach Ford also spends some time discussing his strategies for defending the ball screen. With the hard hedge, Ford teaches a scare-and-screamer technique. The screener’s defender maintains contact with him and screams and yells. Ford teaches the off-ball defense to help in slowing down the ball handler. Using the icing mentality, players must force the ball handler baseline and be ready to corral away from the basket. Coach Ford shows you how to position guards for an effective trap out of the ball screen as well as where to put your off-ball defenders to stop easy baskets. Coach Ford’s transition defense eliminates confusion and doesn’t permit excuses. The assigned roles and responsibilities make it easy to learn and understand. Coach Ford’s transition defense plus his tips on defending ball screens are a great way to help your team prepare for the upcoming season. Add it to your collection today! Rent this Transition Defense Drills DVD today.