Competitive Practice Drills for Skill Development by Chris Holtman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Chris Holtman (Rental)-Competitive Practice Drills for Skill Development $18.99
Include competitive drills in your daily practice routine to improve your team's skill and conditioning. Competitive Skill-Development Drills include a box passing drill, 4-on-3 Competitive Passing Drill and Halo Passing Drill. These drills will increase your team's field-goal percentage. Build your defense through a series of Defensive Drills, such as: a variety of Closeout Drills, a "Jumping-to-the-Ball" Drill, Wall Ups, Tunnel Drives and an excellent Ball-Screen Gauntlet Drill! Combine Offensive and defensive drills to create a multi-purpose workout that will improve critical skills and build superior conditioning. Chris Holtmann is a well-known collegiate coach who has a reputation for building solid, hard-nosed teams that are filled with mentally tough, skilled players. This video is jam-packed with his top skill-development drills. He shares them with you as a 2018 Big Ten Coaches of the Year. They can be used every day in your practices to improve your offensive and defensive skills. Game-Like Situations Holtmann talks about the importance of creating a winning basketball culture by daily practice. He focuses on fundamental offensive skills, such as passing and shooting, and does so with high intensity and game-like conditions. Particularly, the game-like passing drills emphasize the importance of maintaining the safety of the basketball under duress. Rebounding Work , Defense Holtmann's defensive emphasis segment focuses on his top defensive drills as well as rebounding drills. These drills are all easily adaptable to any basketball coach's practice program, no matter what defensive system they use. This section includes a variety drills that are close to the ball, such as "Wall-Ups," "Tunnel-Drives Drill", and "Wall-Ups." There is also a tough-nosed gauntlet for the ball-screen, as well as an NBA Rebounding Drill. Holtmann's favorite drills, which he emphasizes on the defensive side of the game, are the ones he uses year after year to strengthen his defense. These drills are also competitive and include conditioning work that helps to build mental and physical toughness. This video is great for all coaches, regardless of their level of competition. This video is a great "Fundamentals 101Ó lesson that every coach should see. This video is great for advanced programs. It can be used as a refresher course in fundamentals to allow players to refocus and correct teams that drift from their primary focus. 53 minutes. 2022.
Drills to Build Your Man to Man Defense by Chris Holtman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Chris Holtman (Rental)-Drills to Build Your Man to Man Defense $18.99
Chris Holtmann has built a career around playing outstanding man-to-man defense. The Ohio State head coach breaks down some of his best defensive drills in this on-court video. You will see some of the drills that Holtmann uses to prepare his players to compete at the highest level of college basketball. The presentation starts with what Holtmann calls his “Defensive MUSTs”. Defensive MUSTS Coach Holtmann has his own MUSTS and encourages coaches to come up with their own. His are: Set the defense: stress the importance of getting back and not allowing easy transition offense Protect the paint: obviously, don’t allow easy attempts in the paint Make them earn it: defense must work continuously to ensure success Challenge everything: opponents’ shot percentages will go down if your team commits to this All five commit to rebounding: limit your opponent to one shot Closeout Drills The closeout has to be mastered in order for the defense to be successful. Coach Holtmann presents three drills that work on different aspects of the closeout. You’ll see the Majerus Closeout Drill and the Zig Zag Drill. He then gets into scouting opponents and how to prepare for closing out certain players. Help-Side & Post Defense Drills One of the most important aspects of great defense is working on the help side. You will see a drill that teaches player how to defend the post from the ball side. Another drill works on jumping to the ball, defending cutters, closing out, and rebounding all in a 3-on-3 setting. Again, he incorporates a scouting report and how to defend based upon it. Ball Screen Defense With today’s offenses built around the ball screen, it’s imperative that defenses know how to defend. Holtmann shares a continuous ball screen coverage drill where players work on any type of ball screen in a 4-on-4 setting. He also gets into what players can do when an opponent rejects a screen or tries to split a screen. Great man-to-man defense is one way to ensure your team is competitive in every game. Coach Holtmann gives you the drills you need to excel on defense at any level.
Stopping The Fast Break by Chris Holtman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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How to Stop the Fast Break in Basketball Former Butler University and current Ohio State University basketball coach Chris Holtmann shares a systematic approach for limiting opponents’ transition points in this video. Transition defense has become an important part of many teams’ defensive strategies and Coach Holtmann offers his philosophy as well as practice drills to implement his system. Coach Holtmann learned from one of the best, current Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, while at Butler. Holtmann won the Big East Coach of the Year award in 2017 at Butler and then won the Big Ten Coach of the Year award in 2018 after leading Ohio State to the NCAA tournament. Using a series of practice drills, Coach Holtmann shows you his strategies for getting back on defense. He emphasizes his points with on-court demonstrations that show you exactly how Holtmann’s defenses at Butler consistently landed at the top of the national defensive efficiency rankings. The Culture of Transition Defense In teaching transition defense, Coach Holtmann begins with getting players to buy into the culture. Offense is a huge part of transition defense. Offensive rebounding is a key to playing transition. In playing defense in transition, Coach Holtmann stresses the idea that players must run to the paint rather than run to your matchup when getting back on defense.   How to Stop the Fast Break in Basketball with Drills Coach Holtmann uses several drills to actually install and teach transition defense. The transition drills begin on the offensive end as the shooter starts to lift the shot. As that happens, players begin to move to defend in transition. In Circle Transition and 5-on-4 + 1, players outlet a ball to a coach as defenders sprint back and sort everything from the rim out. This is one of Coach Holtmann’s key concepts. Guards learn to rotate and all defenders learn to communicate. Coach Holtmann has built a transition defensive system through years of experience. It is easy to learn and install. This 55-minute video is exactly what you need if you are looking to stop teams from scoring easy baskets in transition. Rent this how to stop the fast break in basketball DVD today.
Transition Offensive Sets by Chris Holtman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Chris Holtmann: Transition Offensive Sets Ohio State University head coach Chris Holtmann shares his approach to offensive basketball in this on-court presentation. Holtmann, the former coach at Butler and the 2018 Big Ten Coach of the Year, uses a philosophy based on analytics to explain why he does what he does. Watch and learn as he takes you through his transition game right into the half-court offense. Transition Offense Transition is a big part of Coach Holtmann’s offense and he uses a series of drills to build it. A 5-on-0 drill that can be used as a warmup serves as a great way to teach the philosophy, roles, and different options in the fast break. Holtmann prefers to score early in the shot clock so he teaches players to run on turnovers, long rebounds, and blocks. The ball is immediately kicked out to a “bust-out guy” who either makes an instant advance pass or uses a drag screen by a trailer. The transition game looks to take advantage of good shooters that run the wings. Holtmann teaches the concept of “cutting the court” where your best shooter gets a transition 3-pointer made possible by a penetrating point guard who pitches the ball back. Building to 5-on-5 To build the half-court offense, Holtmann starts with spacing and penetration. Using another 5-on-0 drill, Coach Holtmann emphasizes moving to space so that penetration into the lane is more effective. He also uses a 3-on-3 drill to practice timing, spacing, and passing and catching under pressure. The drills progress to 5-on-5 where Holtmann works the transition offense against a live defense. The drill uses a 12-second shot clock to force an early scoring opportunity. Players learn the mentality of playing fast and attacking a defense quickly. When transition fails to produce points, the offense gets into its half-court game called Flow. The offense uses many of the basics taught in the earlier drills, i.e. spacing and penetration. Ball screens are added to take advantage of the defense and get the ball to opposite sides of the floor as much as possible. Coach Holtmann’s video does a great job of explaining not only the “what” of his offense, but also the “why.” This video is a must-have for any coach looking to build an offense and teach it to their team.