Building Your  Transition Defense by Brett Reed Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brett Reed (Rental)-Building Your Transition Defense $15.99
Building Your Transition Defense for Basketball with Brett Reed Training players to be successful in transition defense is easier than you think. Lehigh University head basketball coach Brett Reed has developed a clear and easy system of rules for transition defense covering all the possible disadvantage situations. Coach Reed has led the Mountain Hawks to two NCAA tournament appearances, two Patriot League tournament titles, and one regular season conference championship. In this video, Coach Reed shares his secrets about how his Lehigh teams have been able to product effective results in defensive transition. Coach Reed breaks down the responsibilities of each player in a number of situations. He begins the presentation with some of his core beliefs on developing a successful basketball program. These are the same beliefs that led Reed and Lehigh to pull one of the biggest upsets in NCAA tournament history. In 2011, Lehigh beat Duke in the first round of the tourney. Transition Defense On the Court Demonstration Coach Reed then moves to on-court demonstration where he shows you how each player should respond in an outnumbered situation. You will see how players trailing a 1-on-1 situation should attempt to influence the play. Reed gets into 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 situations and how defenders should force opponents to take outside shots. He believes by doing so his teams win. Along with each on-court demonstration, Coach Reed offers a drill to build a team skill. The drills and skills learned are designed to protect from the basket out. Each drill in this series is easy to set up, easy to teach, and can be run in a short amount of time. All the drills translate into game situations as well making them extremely relevant. Coach Reed’s transition defensive system is one that defines a responsibility to each player on the floor. When each player knows his responsibility and executes it, the defense can minimize easy baskets in transition. Teams that limit the number of easy baskets by their opponents have a better chance of winning. Coach Reed’s system is easy to teach and can produce results. Add his 91-minute video to your defensive video collection. Rent this transition defense drills DVD today.