(Rental)-Linebacker Drills Dvd(hargreaves) Linebacker Drills Dvd(hargreaves) by Vernon Hargreaves Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vernon Hargreaves (Rental)-Linebacker Drills Dvd(hargreaves) $16.99
Features & Benefits Make linebackers agile and ready to tackle Enhance footwork, readings, and angles Learn how to read the right things and remove blockers Vernon Hargreaves University of South Florida Assistant coach former East Carolina Assistant Coach, Former University of Miami Linebacker Coach Coach Hargreaves explains how the University of Miami coaches use football drills to strengthen the fundamentals of linebacker play: stance, footwork and agility. Drills are designed to improve the linebacker's footwork, eliminate mistakes, make better use of medicine balls and sleds, read the play with garbage cans and take good angles by using the lines. Hargreaves emphasizes the three main goals of a linebacker: getting in position, controlling the play and making the tackle. This football video contains game clips that show the drills in action. 33 minutes. 2003.