Multi--option 1--4 Offense by Van Chancellor Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Van Chancellor (Rental)-Multi--option 1--4 Offense $15.99
Van Chancellor won basketball 44 times, from high school to Olympic Gold. Van Chancellor's 1-4 offense is a great defense against defensive tactics like pressure, switching and traps. The system provides counter-action to every defensive tactic. He demonstrates both the screen and roll offensive tactic but also the high post pressure release and step back. Chancellor shows the versatility of the 1-4 offense by demonstrating it against trapping, zone and man-to-man defenses. He demonstrates five unique adjustments as part of his multiple offensive attack using on-court demonstrators. He also shares four out of bounds plays and two late-game plays to help with crunch time. This offense was developed over half a century of basketball experience and will score and be efficient against any defense. 71 minutes. 2008.