Creating a Culture of Toughness
Tim Miles Creating a Culture of Toughness $39.99
)   Coach Tim Miles brings a football like toughness to his drills and games through the G.A.T.A. mentality. G.A.T.A stands for Get After Their Behinds and in this DVD Coach Miles demonstrates eleven drills that he uses to emphasize the effort it takes to be a great rebounding team and make hustle plays. He starts by discussing their rules for rebounding and the mentality and technique necessary. The DVD then offers four team drills for both offensive and defensive rebounding and each drill is played as a game with winners and losers. The DVD continues with four individual drills for rebounding and then finishes with three G.A.T.A. drills to help create the mentality of toughness necessary to create the hustle plays that can turn a game around. Running Time: 45 Minutes.
Motion Alignments
Tim Miles Motion Alignments $39.99
Coach Tim Miles shows the various alignments he uses in order to control his motion offense. The five alignments include 4-out/1-in, high post set, one and two-guard fronts, 3-out/2-in, and a five-out set. He also includes four drills he uses in order to teach motion. Coach Miles also discusses motion rules and the trademarks of his motion offense. Each alignment has various options and is demonstrated on-court and with game footage. Coach Miles emphasizes touching the post, shot selection, and crashing the offensive boards. Running Time: 41 Minutes.