Off-season Strength & Conditioning by Tim McClellan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tim McClellan (Rental)-Off-season Strength & Conditioning $15.99
 Off Season Strength Training & Conditioning Off season strength training is vital to any player’s success. The problem is that most strength and conditioning programs are just lifting weights and running mile after mile. There’s more to it than that and Tim McClellan (M.S., C.S.C.S.), a private strength and conditioning coach, can train you to reach your goals. McClellan has trained over 200 NCAA All-Americans, a number of Olympic gold medalists, and even professionals in eight different sports. You can “hire” Coach McClellan to run your off-season workouts. In this basketball-focused DVD, Coach McClellan and Mountain Pointe (AZ) advanced physical education instructor Jeff Decker outline a comprehensive workout program that helps to improve athleticism and reduce injuries. Warmup Coach McClellan takes you through a neurological warmup that features work on the agility ladder, dot jump, jump rope, and line hop exercises. These help to develop quickness, footwork, and coordination. The drills also help stimulate key muscles and joints needed for high-level strength and conditioning training. Mobilities After the warmup, athletes perform a number of mobility stretches to loosen the muscles and joints. Each of the movements shown focus on the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors. Injury Prevention Exercises The third phase of the workout deals with exercises that help to prevent injuries both for the upper and lower body. You will see basketball-specific exercises that develop balance, strength, and mobility. These allow players to stay in games during a long, grueling season. Plyometrics Plyometrics are explosive jumping drills. Coach McClellan uses basketball-specific plyometrics to train explosiveness. He starts with low-level exercises and builds up to advanced drills to develop that explosiveness. Power Development Players have to have strength and power. Coach McClellan takes you through a demonstration of weight-bearing exercises. These combine several elements of explosion, balance, strength, and power. Strength Movement Drills The body has to be programmed to move quickly and in different directions. Coach McClellan demonstrates drills that focus on basketball movement. Control, balance, symmetry, and power are emphasized in this segment to develop strength in the upper body, lower body, and core. Agility Drills All the movements taught help to develop proper footwork. This is important because it allows athletes to change direction while moving at high speeds. If you want to be a championship-caliber basketball player, you have to build the foundation. That starts with a comprehensive strength and conditioning program. Coach McClellan and Coach Decker give you the blueprint to do just that with this presentation. Rent this off season strength training DVD today.