Taylor Burks (Rental)-Defending The Wing-t With The 3-5-3 Defense $16.99
Features & Benefits Get better at Football coaching Taylor Burks - Learn from Taylor! Your team can reach new heights! To be the best, learn from the best. Taylor Burks, Georgia Military College's Defensive Coordinator Georgia Military College has a long history of winning over offenses using the 3-5-3 defense. This DVD shows Coach Burks how to stop the Wing-T. The Wing-T's purpose is to create assignment conflicts in the defense. Burks demonstrates how to counter this philosophy. He attacks the offensive backfield, forcing the offense make adjustments and decisions that will negate the strengths of the offense. This DVD explains how to defend the power sweep and waggle pass. It also covers the dive play, lead play, and wingback counter. These are all key plays for any Wing-T offense. You can make offensive backs bounce from sideline to sideline by slanting, attacking gaps and making plays within the backfield. Coach Burks outlines plays against the 3-5-3's solid, solid, and solid head fronts. He also includes blitzes to combat key plays in Wing-T. This DVD can be used as a complement to any of the Georgia Military 5-3-3 videos. 41 minutes. 2005.