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Basketball Practice Individual Drills In order to improve the defense, shooting, ball handling and ball screening in his half-court offense the coach will start from individual drills. The very first basketball practice session is mainly related to the individual development and drills. The post and perimeter players will learn how to counter the defense with these important breaks down drills. The players will counter the defense with screening on and away from the ball with slips to the basket and pick and pop spacing. Furthermore, it will also the enable the players to learn the art of forcing the opponent defenders to bite on a hard-back door cut. These drills are very important and will teach the players about building a highly skilled and spaced attack in the half court Basketball Practice Man-to-Man Offense The players will also learn the complete man to man offense of the coach Donahue. The coach will also show them how to run it in the half court and also transitioning it into the full court. When it comes to the coach Donahue shuffle cutting offense, the players will have to cut real hard to the basket and that too with proper accuracy and timing; the players will have to read the defense off of down screens, ball screens, pick and pop action, back cuts or rejects off of screens; and to get the kick outs there are dribble attacks and it will give 3-point chances to the players. He attacks zone defenses by making use of his overlord theory and the players will also learn this as well for better results. Furthermore, the players will also get the inside story of his man-to-man sets, baseline out of bounds plays and for the sake of getting a good look at the basket when the game is on the line the coach will also give insight on the situation plays. Man-to-Man Defense The 5-on-5 shell drills and rebounding transition drills will be used by the coach Donahue in order to teach his half and the full court man to man defense. These drills are very handy and it will teach several things like rotation and communication on helping to cover up dribble penetration gaps, ball screen pick and pops and dribble hand-offs. This is not the end as the coach Donahue will also demonstrate his pressure 1-3-1 zone. Press Breaks You will also learn the art of breaking the full-court pressure. Furthermore, you will also see the way coach stretches his defense as far as possible and that too with proper usage of the dribble to create angles, adequate reads of the defense and to remain low and fake high with basketball. The press breaks will also make you a better player overall. Rent this basketball practice video today.