Becoming A Complete Point Guard by Shay Berry Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Shay Berry (Rental)-Becoming A Complete Point Guard $15.99
Learn the skills to be a winning point guard Find drills to practice certain game situations Your team should be able to adapt to the opposing defenses Five-Star's proven training methods are featured Shay Berry Five-Star Basketball Instructor You will be able to win more games this season by creating a floor leader who is selfless, intelligent, and aware. Shay Berry demonstrates how to create a point guard who is able to communicate well, knows their coach and is confident in themselves. Berry's five segments are packed with information and include over 25 drills that highlight the essential qualities of point guards who win. Berry demonstrates Full-Court drills in 3-on-2 and 1-on-1 situations to prepare your point guards to play against pressure. Pick and Roll Drills: There are many pick and roll scenarios that can be used to improve footwork and decision-making skills. Shooting drills - Learn how to fine tune your shooting technique and learn when, where, and how to shoot in certain situations. Quick Decisions Ð Learn how to quickly make decisions and get to the basket before the defense knows. Special Situations Ð Practice specific situations that win or lose games to get more close wins. Five-Star Basketball has had the greatest impact on basketball since 1966. Five-Star Camps have been the training ground for some of the most talented point guards today, such as Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade. This proven training is now available for you! 122 minutes. 2009.