Open Practice With Scott Sutton by Scott Sutton Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball Drills with Scott Sutton Looking for creative ways to add variety to your practices? Former Oral Roberts University head coach Scott Sutton has the answer. In this open practice video, Sutton, the son of legendary coach Eddie Sutton, shares a number of different drills all designed to improve your players’ performance. Coach Sutton sharpens players’ skills in shooting, rebounding, and even installs offensive and defensive concepts with breakdown drills. Coach Sutton’s video is the perfect way to start off your new season with practice drills covering a wide variety of topics. Sutton takes you inside the first practice of a season at Oral Roberts, one that can serve as a blueprint for your early season practices. Shooting Basketball Drills Coach Sutton shares two drills that give players enough repetitions to work on improving their shooting accuracy. The 5-Balls Drill motivates players to focus on their form in a competitive environment. The Perimeter Pass & Shoot Drill teaches players how to make an extra pass to find the open shooter. Rebounding Basketball Drills Two more drills focus on teaching players how to rebound. The 2-on-1 Rebounding Drill is one that serves the purpose of finding out who the tough players on your team are. Players must learn how to collision opponents and hold their position in order to grab rebounds. Conditioning Basketball Drills Coach Sutton uses several drills to serve as conditioning tools in addition to working on certain basketball skills. The Hourglass Drill works on defensive slides but also forces players to communicate. The 84 & 2 Drill forces players to make critical layups in transition. Both of these drills teach important basketball skills while also adding a conditioning element. Motion Offense Basketball Drills At Oral Roberts, Sutton used a drill to work on down screen execution in the Motion Offense. There are two variations of this drill that work on multiple cutting options off of down screens. Players learn to cut sharply and make their movements as explosive and efficient as possible. Transition Basketball Drills The 4-Man Break Drills teaches Coach Sutton’s primary fast break. The 5-on-0 Secondary is a great drill for teaching a number of transition offense concepts as players run through all of their fast break options. Coach Sutton also runs through the press break offense so players learn how to space the floor properly and how to use multiple cutters to advance the ball up the floor. Defense Basketball Drills Six defensive drills are part of Sutton’s emphasis on a Day 1 practice. These drills teach players how to defend the post, pressure the ball, and deflect passes. The Dog Drill teaches on-ball defense in a 1-on-1 environment. Defenders work to no allow the ball to be advanced up the floor. The Mr. Iba Drill is an all-purpose drill that lets you know who your best defenders are. Coach Sutton’s video is an inside look at Oral Roberts University’s first day of practice for the new season and can help you plan your early season practices. Rent this basketball drills DVD today.