Building Blocks For Aggressive Half Court Defense by Scott Schumacher Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Scott Schumacher (Rental)-Building Blocks For Aggressive Half Court Defense $15.99
Scott Schumacher: Building Blocks for Aggressive Half-Court Defense Scott Schumacher has led three different junior colleges to conference championships and national top-10 rankings. Currently the head coach and athletic director at Blinn Junior College, Schumacher has garnered nearly 600 wins in his 30-plus years of coaching. In this video, he shares how to create a culture of discipline, toughness, and competitiveness in your program. Those traits lay the foundation for an aggressive half-court defense. Coach Schumacher begins with showing you how to motivate and condition players to prepare them to play a tenacious half-court defense. This begins with open gym situations and builds through preseason practice and eventually to in-season practices and games. Schumacher begins with basic tips for more effective man-to-man defensive play. These tips are reinforced with a series of drills, which are demonstrated. The drills begin with zig-zag full-court drills followed by run-glide-run drills that teach players how to keep a ball handler in front of them. Once players have mastered the defensive stance and slides, Coach Schumacher moves to help and recover drills. He introduces a drill that utilizes a number of skills for effective defense including closing out, jumping to the ball, and denial. Because of the importance of effective transition defense, Coach Schumacher introduces the 5-on-3 Transition Drill where defenders are put in a disadvantage situation. The entire defensive package is pulled together in Schumacher’s take on the Shell Drill. His unique take on the traditional drill emphasizes screening along with other defensive components. Teaching the basic building blocks of half-court defense, Coach Schumacher has created a wonderful learning tool for any coach looking to improve on defense. Jump start your defense with this instructional DVD from one of the nation’s best teachers of half-court defense. Rent this aggressive half court defense DVD today.