High/low Motion Offense With Bill Self by Bill Self Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Robyn Fralick (Rental)-High-low Motion Offense With Bill Self $15.99
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Trapping & Scrambling Pressure Defense by Robyn Fralick Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Robyn Fralick (Rental)-Trapping & Scrambling Pressure Defense $18.99
Trapping & Scrambling Pressure Defense Bowling Green University head women’s basketball coach Robyn Fralick teaches you the defensive pressure system that led to a perfect 37-0 season and a national title in this video presentation. Coach Fralick led Ashland University to the first perfect season in NCAA Division II history in 2017 and capped it off with a national championship. Her 2018 team was the Division II runner-up. One of the key ingredients in her team’s success was its defense. In this video, Coach Fralick shares everything from defensive philosophy to individual drills and team drills. You will see some game footage of Fralick’s defense in action illustrating the concepts and principles that she talks about. This is the same defense that led to an increase of seven turnovers per game in that 37-0 season. Full-Court/Half-Court Pressure Defense A high intensity pressure defense demands the full depths of a roster. This system will engage every player’s desire to play. It’s a system that is fun to play and it ultimately creates a send of belonging and ownership among every team member. It’s a system that demands toughness, which is part of Coach Fralick’s defensive philosophy. In discussing her philosophy of defense, Coach Fralick addresses the following: Varying when and where traps occur in order to create a sense of unpredictability The responsibilities and positioning of the trapper, gapper, and safety The four goals of the philosophy and how they directly translate to the system’s success How to handle ball screens in the half-court and how that relates to the philosophy of the system in the full-court Help defensive positioning in both the half- and full-court and how players can be in the best possible position to achieve deflections A review of game film that illustrates the talking/teaching points of the system Pressure Defense Breakdown Drills Breakdown drills are the key to isolating the specific teaching points and instructing players how to react. You will see two finishing drills where turnovers lead to points at the other end and six defensive-based drills that aim to: Develop offensive footwork and finishing moves around the rim Simulate the chaos when the press is beaten and the defense must scramble to matchup in the half-court Create the perfect trapping environment with proper foot and body placement and teach players to read an opponent’s eyes Control ball handlers and force them into positions on the floor that are advantageous to the defense Position off-ball defenders where they can play their man as well as increase the odds of a deflection if a pass were made in their direction Coach Fralick brings you a fast-paced, engaging and exciting style of defensive play in this video. It is a system that has proven success and you can own it today!