Situational Work & Game-Like Shooting Drills by Rob Krimmel Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Rob Krimmel (Rental)-Situational Work & Game-Like Shooting Drills $18.99
NABC On the Court Open Practice with Rob Krimmel: Situational Work & Game Like Shooting Drills The St. Francis Red Flash are one of the highest scoring teams in the nation on a consistent basis. In this open practice video, St. Francis head coach Rob Krimmel shows you how he prepares and builds such a high-octane offense. Pre-Practice & Warmups The Red Flash start by reviewing plays such as Back Screen and Double Fist. Then, they run a series of warmups starting with dynamic stretching and full- and half-court defensive slides. Two five-man weave drills – the Sixer Drill is one – follow which run players through different 3-on-2, 2-on-1, and 1-on-1 situations for an interesting take on the traditional 5-man weave. Transition Drills & End of Half Early in practice players go through two transition offense drills. Bulldog Shooting teaches players to make decisions in transition at full speed. Running of the Bulls adds transition defense into the equation with a 5-on-4 situation with a trailer. Coach Krimmel then moves to working on the end-of-half situation. It’s a four-minute segment that simulates the end of the first half. St. Francis plays out multiple scenarios and when finished the team splits into groups to shoot free throws. Next comes a closeout drill where Krimmel has players play out different defensive scenarios and ball screen coverages. Then, there are more shooting drills like Motion Shooting which incorporates 3-on-0 actions to work on reads within plays. 5-on-0 Offense, Shots Against the Zone & Game Prep Coach Krimmel works to perfect the offense with a 5-on-0 segment where the Red Flash work on three different plays and the many different reads Krimmel wants his players to master. The All One drill puts everything together against a defense. The team works on the motion offense in a live situation. To finish practice, the Flash go through shooting drills that simulate shots against a zone defense. There are numerous situations that players are put through as the team works on every element of the offense from motion, to zone offense, and press breaks. The final segment of the practice works against a 2-2-1 press break and finishes with a full-court shooting drill. This is an outstanding look at a well-organized practice. You’ll see how Coach Krimmel puts his players into situations they will face in games. You can do the same so your players are never caught off guard. Rent this video with game like shooting drills.