Early Offense Ino The High Post Offense by Ric Wesley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ric Wesley (Rental)-Early Offense Ino The High Post Offense $15.99
Learn the components of the High Post Offense. All of your players should be involved in the offensive's flow You can use Early Offense to keep your opponent under pressure while you move into high-post offense Solid zone offense sets and action against even or odd front zone defenses Create an offense that rewards cutting and ball movement. Ric Wesley's defense has been a dominant force in the game year after year. His teams have been able to control the game from both ends of the court by using this early offense and moving into high post motion. Coach Wesley will present an overview of the High Post Offense's basic setup in this clinic. You will learn the basics of the High Post Set, and the rules that govern the offense. This offense is well-suited for good spacing, good back-cutting angles, and good dribble penetration. Wesley discusses how he created his early offense, and then shows you how to get the most out of that early offense. These quick hitters will allow you to pressure your opponent's team. To get your point guard off of pressure, use high-low, post action and release versus press defense. The presentation concludes with his Zone Offense Philosophy. He also shows you some of the actions he uses to work with his teams. You will also learn some Early Offense actions against zone defenses and three plays from a 1-3-1 set against an even-front area. An effective set against an odd-front defense is also available. Give your team all the tools it needs next season to defeat any opponent. These offensive sets will help your team score, use your talent, and win basketball games. 42 minutes. 2010.