Princeton Offense DVD
Pete Carril Princeton Offense DVD $99.99
Learn the Entire Princeton Offense from Pete Carril...the Creator of the Offense Who would be better to learn the Princeton Offense from than it's original creator?  No one else of course.  You'll get almost 4 hours of Pete Carril teaching you Everything about this offense.  He'll show you how to the offense works and what drills to use to teach it.  If you are serious about the Princeton Offense then this is the video set for you as learning from Pete will take your knowledge and ability to teach the offense to your players to the ultimate level. This DVD includes all four of Coach Carril's original videos. Coach Carril diagrams and demonstrates the intricacies of the Princeton Back Door Offense. Coach Carril has two basic principles, the player in front of you tells you where to go; and if you are overplayed, go back door. He takes these two principles and builds a half-court offense that relies on passing, dribbling, and shooting. Coach Carril adds the high post options to his back door offense.  Princeton Offense High Post Action This offense uses the high post to relieve pressure and reverse the ball as well as the usual assortment of back door cuts for the perimeter players. The video will demonstrate how to flow from the high post play into low post play that was taught in the previous video. Also included are tactics versus sagging defenses and powerful opponents. The shuffle cuts series shows options which include back door cuts, on-ball screens, and more. This part of the offense, like all the others, uses a two guard front and emphasizes the need for all players to be able to pass, catch, and dribble. Also included is the drills video. Running Time: 235 Minutes. Order your copy of the Princeton Offense & Coach it Like a Pro!
Princeton Offense in Today's Game
Pete Carril Princeton Offense in Today's Game $79.99
Princeton Offense in Today's Game The legendary Pete Carril updates his offense in terms of the game today. Carril outlines his points of emphasis: think, see, do; talent = listen and work ethic; what you are doing it not as important as who is doing it; and fundamentals = knowledge, passing, shooting and dribbling.  He then goes to the floor adding more to the already potent attack. Coach Carril teaches getting into the two-guard front necessary to run the offense and the initial action of low post play. He then adds the side ball screen action to the attack and all the options created from that action. The chin series is reviewed with multiple additions including dribble handoff, back cut, ball screen, UCLA cut and UCLA cut into a side ball screen. Carril then adds all of the offensive action that can be used from the corner and the pinch post. Princeton Offense Drills The DVD also includes shooting drills, plays out of time outs, a conditioning drill he picked up from the New York Knicks in the 50’s and a three-point shot out of low post play. The DVD also includes a 25-minute interview with Pete Carril as he talks about the origins of the offense, his teaching and coaching philosophy, and much more. This is a must have for anyone interested learning more about the great Pete Carril and his offense. Running Time: approx. 120 Minute. 2008 Order the Princeton Offense in Today's Game and run a dominate Princeton Offense.