Suffocating Pressure Defense Drills for Individual & Teams by Molly Miller Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Molly Miller (Rental)-Suffocating Pressure Defense Drills for Individual & Teams $18.99
This video presentation offers a detailed look at the drills used by a highly successful women's basketball coach to build and improve her team's defense. The coach, Miller, is known for her defensive expertise and has led every program she's been a part of to the top of the rankings in defense. The video begins with an overview of Miller's defensive terminology, with an emphasis on the reasoning behind each drill. The first segment of the video focuses on on-the-ball defense and includes a unique version of the Zig-Zag Drill that covers different aspects of Miller's defensive philosophy. Viewers will learn techniques for defending against crossover dribble moves, trapping, and avoiding fouling. The second segment of the video covers half-court defense and includes drills for working in unison, denying entry passes, guarding against backdoor cuts, jumping to the ball, and converting from defense to offense. Additionally, Miller demonstrates "skinnies" or drills and skills work emphasized within a drill such as Super Denial, One Pass Away, Take Mine Drill. In conclusion, if you want to improve your team's defense and increase turnovers, this video is an excellent resource. Miller's expertise and teaching style make it a valuable tool for coaches and players alike. The video is approximately 79 minutes long and is available in 2022.