(Rental)-The Basics Of The Single Wing Offense The Basics Of The Single Wing Offense by Mike Rude Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Rude (Rental)-The Basics Of The Single Wing Offense $16.99
Features & Benefits Get better at Football coaching Mike Rude - Learn from him! Your team can reach new heights! To be the best, learn from the best. Mike Rude Johnston City High School (IL), Head Coach Hall of Fame for Illinois High School Football Coaches ('95). Ray Eliot Award winner (highest award given to IL HS football coach) This offense is rooted in an offensive line that is not balanced and a shotgun snap, something your opponents will never have seen. Coach Rude explains the formations and the play calling system. He also demonstrates pre-shift formations. Brian Berry, Coach Rude, and Brian Rude, the offensive line coach, go in detail about nine formations, including seam bucks and counter treys, option and wedge series. Rude has created a list with blocking rules for each hole, allowing for endless combinations of plays. Rude demonstrates each player's responsibilities, and shows the team how to play. In his four-year tenure as Single Wing coach, Rude has seen the team average over 4,000 yards per season and have had six rushers surpassing 1,000 yards. This rush-oriented offense allows your team to keep the clock running, reduce turnovers and have fun playing a new style. 98 minutes. 2006.