3 on 3 Basketball Player Development by Mike Procopio Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Mike Procopio’s 3-on-3 Basketball Player Development Developing players is the specialty of Coach Procopio, the current Director of Player Development for the Dallas Mavericks. Widely touted as the best player development coach in the NBA, Procopio shows you how you can develop your players using a variety of 3-on-3 situations. Teach offense or defense in 3-on-3 situations and watch your players develop the skills necessary to succeed on the court in this video. Procopio, who is the director and president of Hoop Consultants, has used his methods in working with over 75 NBA players, a list that includes the likes of Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. Benefits of 3-on-3 Training for Basketball Player Development There are a number of reasons for using 3-on-3 situations to develop players. It allows for more touches than in 5-on-5 play. Working in a 3-on-3 environment forces defenders to focus and communicate which carries over into game situations. It is easier for coaches to break down offensive concepts and how to execute them in 3-on-3. It is also very valuable for coaches that do not have a large number of players. 3-on-3 Set Up Coach Procopio opens his 3-on-3 training by reviewing the variety of rules you can apply to help players learn certain skills. In some 3-on-3 situations, there will be rules for when player can or cannot dribble. Sometimes, they may be able to only use a certain number of dribbles. In other variations, screens may or may not be permitted. Coach’s 3-on-3 drills are great for learning concepts such as pin downs, back screens, and the pick & roll. With fewer players on the floor, players develop a knack for spacing and positioning. Players develop skills such as screen timing and where on the floor to set screens. Other offensive skills learned include cutting, passing, and reads when coming off a screen. Procopio’s 3-on-3 drills are not limited to offense. Players will learn how to talk on defense and communicate with their teammates in 3-on-3 situations. They will also improve on fighting through screens, switching, and help defense. The Pistols Set One of the more popular sets used in the NBA is Pistols. Procopio shows you how you can teach it using 3-on-3. The drill illustrates just how difficult it is to defend a pin down screen with a player coming off of it and immediately going to a dribble hand off. This 65-minute video is a lesson on how to use 3-on-3 situations to teach players offensive and defensive concepts. If you’re looking for something unique, Coach Procopio has it for you in this video. Rent this Basketball Player Development DVD today.
Building Your Half Court Offense W/ Shell Drills by Mike Procopio Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Building Your Half-Court with Shell Offensive Drills Mike Procopio, Director of Hoop Consultants and Director of Basketball Operations for ATTACK Athletics in Chicago (IL), has worked with some of the best NBA players of all-time. His client list includes the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and 75 others. In this video, Coach Procopio shows you how to use shell drills to teach your offense. Just like using shell drills to teach man-to-man defense, Coach Procopio demonstrates how you can develop your offense using 3-on-0 and 4-on-0 shell offensive drills. The drills you will see throughout the video can be applied directly or you can morph them into your own offensive philosophy and sets. Scoring Options In each drill, Coach Procopio teaches the first scoring option then continues building out the offense covering all ensuing scoring options. Players learn to understand your own offensive strategy and build their individual skills. Pin & Cross Screens You will see pin down screens where your players learn to immediately read the defense and either score or continue to the next option. Each option is demonstrated including an open jumper, a fade off the screen, backdoor action, and drive and kick. Along with pin downs, Coach Procopio covers cross screens, UCLA cuts, Horns, wide pin downs, transition quick hitters, Floppy, Zipper, and side pick and rolls. Each is taught using the 3-on-0 and 4-on-0 shell drill. Transition Offensive Drills In transition, you’ll see a 2-on-0 player action to show you how players should feed the post, post up, and how to cut once the ball is entered into the post. Coach Procopio outlines three basic principles every post player should know, demonsrates every angle, screen, and cut post players can make when working out of transition. Coach Procopio also cover the popular pick and roll action widely used in modern basketball. He teaches how to move and interact coming off the screen as well as how guards can set up their man and run them into the screen. In this and every segment, Coach Procopio emphasizes multiple ways to beat the defense. He continually points out footwork, hard cuts, movement off the pass, coming off screens, reading the defense, and more. Using Coach Procopio’s drills, your teams will gain a greater understanding of your offense and be able to score on any opponent. Rent this offensive drills DVD today.
Complete Player Development Workouts For Perimeter And Post Players by Mike Procopio Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Complete Player Development Workouts for Perimeter and Post Players Mike Procopio has worked with over 100 NBA players including the likes of Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade. Coach Procopio is an instructor at the Michael Jordan Flight School and Skill Academies and is an Attack Athletics Player Development Trainer. In this video, he gives you one of the most comprehensive skills development presentations on record. From the warm-up to shooting and dribbling drills, Coach Procopio can help you improve your team’s fundamental basketball skills. Shooting Drills Coach Procopio gives you a progression of position-specific shooting drills that emphasize catching and shooting without the dribble, the post up, and coming off the pin-down screen. A series of 1-minute shooting drills incorporate both posts and guards. You will see Coach Procopio demonstrate the “peel cut” and “fade cut” scoring opportunities that are difficult to defend within the motion offense. Footwork technique, reading screens, and attacking defenders is part of the individual wing portion of the workout. Coach Procopio goes over four different reads off of the pin-down screen. He will add defenders which incorporates more decision making in the drill. Players are also taught a variety of moves that permit quick scoring opportunities. The one dribble pull-up jump shot is an excellent scoring chance and players work on it in a number of directions. Coach Procopio also teaches Kobe-like jab steps and shot fakes which help create space and make players harder to defend. Position-Specific Drills Guards work on post up opportunities as well as feeding the post. The wing workout concludes with a challenging 3-point shooting drill where players must make shots from different spots on the floor. The post portion of the workout features 15-foot jumpers and one dribble pull-up shots from different areas on the perimeter. Posts are also taken through a number of drills that work on 15-foot perimeter jumpers and one-dribble pull-up shots. They also work on the proper technique for the pick and pop, screen and roll, and roll and replace. Each of these is used on a nightly basis in the NBA. Coach Procopio’s skills video will improve your team’s scoring from every position on the floor, which makes this presentation a must-have for any coach’s library.
Offensive & Defensive Team Development Drills by Mike Procopio Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Offensive & Defensive Drills  In this final part of his three-part series, Mike Procopio demonstrates how you can develop effective and savvy players using 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 drills. The Director/President of Hoop Consultants and the Director of Basketball Operations for ATTACK Athletics in Chicago, Procopio has worked with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Caron Butler, and 75 other NBA players. It was Procopio’s work as Bryant’s coach that helped him help the Lakers to their last two NBA titles. 3v3 & 4v4 Shell Drills From Building Your Half Court Offense with Shell Drills, players have developed the necessary fundamentals to run your offense. In this new video, Coach Procopio shows you how to implement those concepts into competitive 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 offensive & defensive drills. This system allows players to put up shots that they would normally take in a game. In the 4-on-4 drills, the focus is pick-and-roll and screen-the-screener actions. These details were covered in earlier DVDs. Now, players can put them to use within a competitive setting. This is a great way to teach the fundamental understanding of 5-on-5 principles and movement. In 3-on-3 action, Coach Procopio breaks down proper spacing, attacking angles, and cutting action within your offensive system. You will see several cuts – pin down, cross screen, and down screen – demonstrated. Beginning from a 3-on-0 situation, each action is implemented progressing to 3-on-3 where players again take game-like shots. NBA Actions & Post Play You will also learn how to incorporate popular NBA actions like Floppy and Zipper into your 3-on-0 breakdowns. This teaches players how to properly execute screens. Post players learn all the scoring options available to them and Coach Procopio goes into great detail about moving without the ball and maintaining great spacing. All of Coach Procopio’s drills have specific options that allow players to be creative while focusing on the offense (or defense). With all of Procopio’s drills and insight, your teams will be able to run any offense with a better understanding of how it is supposed to work. Rent this offensive & defensive drills DVD today.