Installing The Princeton Offense by Mike Nienaber Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Nienaber (Rental)-Installing The Princeton Offense $19.99
Installing the Princeton Offense Known as one of the top Princeton offense coaches in the nation, Delta State’s Mike Neinaber teaches you the ins and outs of the offense in this video. Neinaber spent 20 seasons at Christian Brothers University in Memphis where he won two Gulf South Conference titles, made five trips to the NCAA Division II tournament, and took his 2009 team to the Elite Eight. One of the biggest reasons for his teams’ successes has been the Princeton offense. The presentation begins with a demonstration of the warmup that prepares players for every scoring angle and option within the offense. The warmup includes full speed, game-like layups that simulate the backdoor cuts within the Princeton offense. Coach Neinaber explains the Four-Minute Drill which prepares players for the array of 3-point shots that the Princeton offense offers. Next are the Five-Up drills which put players through the essential moves used within the Princeton offense: backdoor cuts, dribble handoffs, and back screens. In each drill, players learn to read defenders and create scoring opportunities out of a back cut, post move, or screening action. Once players have mastered every option, Coach Neinaber moves into a 5-on-5 four-minute drill to show you how the offense will look. Players run through the offense in a full-court setting and Neinaber explains each move, screen, and set as it happens on the floor so you know what it should look like in a game situation. With an understanding of how the offense looks in a 5-on-5 setting, Coach Neinaber uses 5-on-0 demonstrations to show you each teaching progression. He goes through five different looks in the offense – Low, Five Up, Elbow, High, and Chin. Each look has at least three different scoring options and can easily flow into another set. Coach Neinaber explains each set and motion then runs through the motion with the team on the floor. He slows the pace enough so you can understand where the scoring options should occur and how to teach them to your players. This presentation is outstanding. Coach Neinaber takes a complex offensive system and breaks it down into steps that are easy to understand and install. Coaches looking for an offensive system that keeps defenses guessing can turn to Coach Neinaber for the Princeton offense.