Buzz Defense Breakdown Drills & Special Situations by Mike Divilbiss Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Divilbiss (Rental)-Buzz Defense Breakdown Drills & Special Situations $18.99
The Buzz Defense: Breakdown Defense Drills & Special Situations With over 30 years of college coaching experience, Mike Divilbiss presents the Buzz Defense, a fast-paced trapping zone defense that completely disrupts an opponent’s offensive attack. In the video, Coach Divilbiss teaches the breakdown drills you can use to teach players how to move, react, and rebound out of the Buzz defense. You will also see how to prepare the Buzz defense for a number of special situations that often arise during a game. Breakdown Drills Coach Divilbiss explains a number of drills and starts with one that teaches guards to move from on-ball defense to another “home base” on the floor. Defenders sprint from one pass to the next while trying to get deflections and disrupt the offense’s movement. Players also work on trapping, defending one- or two-guard fronts, and taking away passing lanes. The Inside Drill teaches the bottom three players in the Buzz how to move and rotate should the ball get past the two trapping guards. Players develop an uncanny ability to anticipate the next pass while also learning what to do when the ball is skipped, goes to the corner, or enters the high post. One of the keys in playing a zone defense is making sure your athletes are trained in how to rebound. Coach Divilbiss reviews where players must rotate to and the spots on the floor they need to cover when a shot goes up. If not trained properly, rebounding can become difficult in the zone defense. Special Situations Defense Drills Divilbiss has watched over the years as opponents attempt to break down the Buzz. As a result, he has come up with plenty of adjustments. He reviews the most common things teams do to beat the Buzz. He also reviews defending out of bounds situations, adjusting to a 1-4 high set, best times to trap, and how to cover in defensive transition. Coach Divilbiss owes his success to the Buzz defense and gives you the drills needed to ensure it operates at its best. Empower your players to play great defense and watch the wins pile up this season! Rent this breakdown defense drills DVD today. 
Secondary Break And Early Offense by Mike Divilbiss Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Divilbiss (Rental)-Secondary Break And Early Offense $15.99
Secondary Break and Early Offense Mike Divilbiss is a well-respected women’s basketball coach who breaks down the secondary break in this video. Coaches will find teaching segments that introduce Coach Divilbiss’ philosophy on the secondary break as well as the details of all five positions and their responsibilities. Coach Divilbiss breaks his whole presentation down into five segments. Secondary Break Basics Coach Divilbiss introduces the secondary break, the basic setup, and rules: Details of all five positions and responsibilities are covered Why getting the ball into the post is important Quick ball movement is a must as it leads to open 3-point attempts Proper spacing and how to look for scoring chances is taught Reads Players must know four different reads: Back screen for trail post Down screen for when the back screen is overplayed Back cut by trail post when ball reversal is denied High ball screen for the point guard to create different scoring opportunities Cycles Then, Coach Divilbiss teaches how to use the four reads in the secondary break: It is important to score quickly with “2.5 cycles in 34 seconds” The secondary break must use both sides of the floor How to use the “pitch ahead” pass effectively Colors In this segment, Coach Divilbiss runs the secondary break against a defense and points out the following: Primary fast break vs. secondary break Keeping the ball in the middle of the floor to improve passing angles and to enhance ball movement Why it’s important to pass the ball inside while allowing perimeter players freedom to shoot 3-pointers Making perimeter players interchangeable This is an excellent DVD for coaches that want to play at a higher tempo. Coach Divilbiss is thorough but keeps things simple in explaining how the secondary break can ignite your offense.
The Buzz Defense: A Half Court Pressure Defense by Mike Divilbiss Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Divilbiss (Rental)-The Buzz Defense: A Half Court Pressure Defense $18.99
The Buzz Defense: A Half-Court Pressure Defense Mike Divilbiss, athletic director and head basketball coach at Lakeland HS (ID), has made a career out of playing high-pressure, trapping defense. “The Buzz,” as he calls it, is unique in its style of play and Divilbiss details how to implement the defense in this video. Divilbiss has 30 years of coaching experience at the college level and has had his fair share of successful teams because of The Buzz. Basics and Alignment To begin, Coach Divilbiss shows each player where he is to be aligned. He starts with the post players and then identifies where the best rebounder, best anticipator, and best trappers should line up. Each player has a home base which allows them to understand and read where the traps are going to occur. Players are taught how to get into passing lanes and force opponents to go exactly where you want them. The best part of his segment is when Coach Divilbiss slows down the defense and then walks through each player’s responsibility as well as the location of each player’s home base. Requirements There are three things that Coach Divilbiss states his teams must do in order to play the Buzz defense effectively. Play hard every single possession Avoid mistakes Prevent straight line passes Divilbiss provides examples of each rule so you can see how the defense should react and look versus an offensive attack. If players can sprint, closeout, and defend their home base on the flight of the ball, the Buzz defense will shut down even the most effective offense. Playing the Buzz defense, coaches will likely use more of their roster since players must fly around the court and apply pressure at all times. This speeds up games and requires more than just a starting five. It’s fun for athletes to play. If you’re looking to install the Buzz, Coach Divilbiss does a great job of showing you how to implement it in this video.
Buzz Defense Extended
Mike Divilbiss Buzz Defense Extended $39.99
NEW! Illinois Associate Head Coach Mike Divilbiss extends the Buzz defense to the full-court in this on-court practice DVD with the Illinois players. Divilbiss extends the defense in a 2-2-1 set and using three calls for change-ups. The "hot" call forces the ball out of a primary ballhandler's hands and then matches up with the offense until they reach half-court and the Buzz is then applied. "Cool" simply has the defense match up with the offense and not look for traps as they adjust into the Buzz in the half-court and finally "conventional" is a traditional 2-2-1 3/4 court trapping zone which falls back into the buzz. Divilbiss discusses using a 2-1-2 set should the opponents place two shooters in the offensive corners. A great complement to his two other Buzz DVDs. Running Time: 31 Minutes. 2013.
Buzz Defense Counter Situations Basketball
Mike Divilbiss Buzz Situations $39.99
Mike Divilbiss reviews the basic concepts of the Buzz, 2-3 trapping zone defense in this complementary DVD for his original. He emphasizes racing to beat the ball to the next spot and funneling the ball to the five in the on-court portion of this DVD. Also included in the player demonstrations is extending the defense to 3/4 and full-court. Coach Divilbiss also uses a variety of game clips to show proper positioning, defending the dribble, the affect of the second pass, special situations and anticipation. This is a no mistake defense that takes a kamikaze attitude and can change games. Running Time: 48 Minutes. 2011.
Power Zone Offense
Mike Divilbiss Power Zone Offense $39.99
The Power Zone Offense is a three around two attack that features a sealing technique for the post players who have three rules: start from behind the zone, move opposite the flight of the ball and flash from behind the zone with short cuts. The posts can saddle up the middle of the zone, attack from the short corner or screen the weak side of the zone. The perimeter players have five concepts: start high and wide, freeze dribble, be opposite the ball, recognize who is playing you and how they are playing you and catch the ball to shoot. The basic premise for attacking zones is also emphasized: create action with ball movement, move smartly, make the zone a man defense, and stretch and distort the zone. Running Time: 45 Minutes.
Teaching Man-to-Man Defense With The Shell Drill
Mike Divilbiss Teaching Man-to-Man Defense With The Shell Drill $39.99
Coach Mike Divilbiss uses the shell drill to teach various fundamentals for man-to-man defense. The shell drill can be used to teach close outs, help side defense, defending screens and cuts and much more. This video from Coach Divilbiss demonstrates defensive principles with a pack style defense or an up-the-line style of defense. He emphasizes the mental transitions within each defensive possessions that often get overlooked. Running Time: 50 Minutes
The Buzz Defense for Basketball 2-3 Zone Mike Divilbiss
Mike Divilbiss The Buzz $39.99
This aggressive, trapping 2-3 zone is a great complement to good half-court man-to-man defense. The zone is predicated on defending passing lanes, not players. It tries to force lob passes and force offensive action. The defense relies on taking away straight line passes and aggressively trapping the dribble. Coach Divilbiss teaches the responsibilities of each player and their coverages in various situations. He also emphasizes each player’s rebounding responsibility. A great defense for creating action. Running Time: 59 Minutes. 2005.