Early Shot Clock Offense & Side Out Specials by Mike Boynton Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Boynton (Rental)-Early Shot Clock Offense & Side Out Specials $18.99
Quick Offense Basketball - Early Shot Clock Offense and Side Out Specials Oklahoma State head coach Mike Boynton Jr. shows you how to exploit man-to-man defenses with an efficient secondary break in this quick offense basketball video. He demonstrates his team’s attack in this on-court presentation and shows you how it can take advantage of your ever-changing personnel. Coach Boynton played collegiately at South Carolina and then served as an assistant under Brad Underwood at Stephen F. Austin and Oklahoma State. In 2018, Boynton led the Cowboys to four wins over top-10 teams. Transition Offense Coach Boynton starts his quick offense basketball presentation talking about how he learned to play in transition from high school through college. The traditional secondary break alignment that features a rim runner with two wings and a trailer was something that did not fit Coach Boynton’s personnel when he was at Oklahoma State as both an assistant and a head coach. Boynton then made adjustments to his transition game by taking advantage of what his players did best. Three players and the trailer are basically interchangeable and can fill any of the three perimeter slots. Without a rim runner, the floor is opened up and the point guard has more freedom to attack and probe. The primary action Coach Boynton uses is called “Quick One” which is a drag ball screen play for the point guard if the rim cannot be attacked. Quick Variations There are ways to get other players involved with actions similar to Quick One. For example, Quick Two is a play where the wing gets involved and uses a ball screen. The wing can receive a dribble hand-off from the point guard and come off the ball screen set by the trailer. Quick Four has the trailer and the wing that isn’t in the corner set a double ball screen for the point guard. The trailer rolls to the rim and the wing pops out for a potential 3-point shot. The offense then has the ability to get a post-up or a jump shot from the wing that popped out. You will also see Quick Four Flip, a variation of Quick Four which is used against defenses that like to switch. Pistol One action that is becoming more popular is the Pistol. It is perfect for late-game situations because it leads to drives to the basket and open 3-point looks. Coach Boynton includes a few counters to the original Pistol action that you can use if the initial hand-of is not available. Pistol Empty takes advantage of teams that try to anticipate hand-offs. The wing gets a flare screen from the trailer without setting up for a pass from the point or a step-up ball screen. Coach Boynton packs his presentation full of quick strike actions. It is one of the most important aspects of becoming a good transition team and you will see how you can use the actions taught to score quickly against man-to-man defenses. Rent this quick offense basketball DVD today.