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Mike Cronin Basketball Practice Video You will get a sneak peak into the practices that help his Bearcats turn into a national powerhouse. His practices focus on developing physical and mental toughness. The practices are filmed over a three day period and you will go through useful details like powerful square-ups, strong finishes in the paint and attacking the full-court pressure. Apart from this, you will learn to be a teach and good mentor to all the rookies and young players out there. Each practice is full of significant focus on disadvantage drills and this is the reason of Bearcats being tough on both the ends. Basketball Practice 1 For the potent pick-and-roll offensive attack, there are breakdown drills introduced by Coach Cronin. 3-on-0 drill and 3-on-3 setting are being used to make you learn every offensive action. The players will also go through several offensive sets in a 5-on-0 setting. At this point the coach will also show you his special actions Two-Down, Fade and Smash. When it comes to the defensive side of the game, the players will go through the in-line series of the drills that emphasize on positioning, close-outs and boxing out. These drills will also improve your footwork and stance that will help you deal with fakes from the offensive players. The practice session will come to an end with the coach working defensive scramble situations in which the defense of the players will outnumbered in transition. Basketball Practice 2 The screen-and-roll offense is build up with the help of 3-on-0 and 5-on-0 breakdown drills. In order to enter the offense from transition the 1-4 high formation will be used and also using the smash and flop calls when the win entry is denied. Good shooters will also get the opportunity to score from the secondary break action when the implementation of high-post entry called smash and pop is carried out. The coach will make use of the 4x4 press drill in which the players will transition offense and spacing. In this drill, the offense will have to beat four defenders in the back court in order to face four new defenders in the front court. Transition offense and defense is major part of Coach Cronin philosophy. The players will develop this kind of mentality when the defense or offense is short-handed and also the drills that deal with offensive conversion into the press. Basketball Practice 3 Offensive fundamentals are being focused in position groups by the coach Cronin and his staff. There are several drills through the post players will have to go. With these drills the coach will work on footwork in the low post along with attacking from the perimeter. On the other hand, the guards will do the drills as well in which the guards work on relocating on the perimeter when the ball enters the post area. With the help of position drill work the defensive fundamentals are taught. Also, the 1-on-1 drills in the post for forwards as well as on the perimeter for guards is used to improve the defensive footwork of the players. The coach pays huge attention to rebounding as well. Every drill is loaded with the concept of boxing out and it becomes a part of the competitive nature of practice. The 3-on-3 full-court transition defense drill is used with which the coach Cronin focuses on transition defense and conversion. In this drill, two teams will be squaring off against each other. In order to teach the players of beating the press defense, the coach will make use of the drills that will teach players the offense in which they will learn the art of beating the defensive traps even when they are short-handed. The practice will come to an end with the 5-on-5 controlled scrimmage that will work on the offensive and defensive strategies. Rent Mick Cronin's basketball practice video today.