Matthew Driscoll's Favorite Basketball Drills by Matthew Driscoll Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Combine offensive and defensive concepts in the same drill to save time! To stop other offenses, practice scramble, disadvantage coverages, rotations. Rebounding drills can help you dominate the glass by transforming your body into a rebounding machine Your players should be able to recognize situations that are advantageous for you to score in transition. Matthew Driscoll from North Florida shares his top drills that are fast-paced and high-energy. He also shows how to masterfully plan your practice. Driscoll's favorite drills will help you focus, develop your skills, and increase efficiency in your practice like never before. This presentation includes drills for all levels of the team, including small groups, large groups, small groups, and teams. These drills cover transition, rebounding and shooting, as well as other issues. Driscoll begins by explaining his views on drill design and practice planning. Driscoll also discusses the importance of seeing the bigger picture and how to make the most of your assistants. He describes his practice and how to get as many players and as many skills as possible. Rebounding and Defensive Drills Video is used by Coach Driscoll to demonstrate his favourite drills. He starts with a defensive mindset. The 4-on-3 Scramble drill, which is a disadvantage drill, turns into a transition scenario. This helps players to quickly switch from offense to defense and vice versa. 4-on-4 Shell is a drill that teaches athletes how to quickly turn from defense to offense. Driscoll then discusses the importance of POV Ball Screen Coverage. This drill is great for conditioning as it combines quick thinking and transition. Players must quickly defend their ball screen coverages. The Knicks rebounding drill will be next. Next, we'll explain three different rebounding drills. These will allow your players to practice different scenarios and rotations of rebounding. Shooting Drills and Transition Transition is Coach Driscoll's next topic. He shares some great drills that help to improve the little things that make Driscoll's teams succeed on the whole court. Many drills are built from different disadvantages. They focus on aggressive play and quick readings. The Lakers to Heat drill blends passing and quick decision making, moving from 3-on-2 to 3 on 3. Driscoll also explains the process of how they perform all these drills over the course of a season or practice. Fast and Furious is one of DriscollÕs patented drills. It shows how DriscollÕs teams are so adept at shooting and attacking in transition. Circle Transition O-DÐO, another drill, combines all the practice they've had in 5-on-5 play. Driscoll believes that you should work in groups of three. He concludes by explaining three competition shooting drills. Blackjack and Back Jack will make your athletes feel comfortable shooting under pressure. This video will help you prepare for more competitive practices, and take your team to the next level. 107 minutes. 2022.