4 Out 1 In Dribble Hand Off Motion Offense by Matt Langel Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Matt Langel (Rental)-4 Out 1 In Dribble Hand Off Motion Offense $18.99
4-Out-1-In Dribble Hand-Off Motion Offense Colgate University head coach Matt Langel has built one of the most effective and efficient offenses in the Patriot League. Langel, a former player at Penn, has rebuilt the Raiders program with an offense that focuses on early transition and then setting up the half-court 4-out-1-in offense. Langel won the Patriot League’s Coach of the Year award in 2018 and ’19 leading the Raiders to a pair of conference championships in the process. In this video, Coach Langel shows you the drills and actions necessary to make the 4-out-1-in offense work. In addition, you’ll see how Langel trains players to read defenses and look for the best shot. Training Your Players It is imperative that players learn to read defenses, especially in the heat of a game. Coach Langel uses a series of 3-on-0 and 3-on-3 drills to create game-like situations so that players can learn to read defenses. Players learn to counter defensive actions with shallow cuts, keeper action, step-behind shots, and more. Langel also does a great job demonstrating how the dribble hand-off can be used to build an entire offense. 4-Out Actions Langel’s Colgate teams have used the dribble hand-off with great success. He gets into the various actions you can incorporate into a dribble hand-off series. Using 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 situations, Langel shows you how to get your best shooter coming off of floppy action or off a triple screen to get an open shot attempt. On a ball reversal, you will see how you can turn the dribble hand-off into a continuity offense by simply running the same action on the other side of the floor. The one thing that really sets Langel’s offense apart is his players’ ability to read defenses and determine the best course of action. Coach Langel also breaks down his transition offense and shows you how it flows right into the half-court offense. Again, he uses 3-on-0 drills and 5-on-0 actions. This presentation is an excellent, detailed look at how employing the dribble hand-off can be used to attack opposing defenses and allow players the freedom to determine their best course of action.