Modern 2 Game Offense for Basketball by Matt Figger Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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The 2-Game Offense is a way to spread the floor and keep defenses guessing, while giving you great shot opportunities from the perimeter. This article provides a complete overview of the 2-Game Offense, and what makes it so successful. Optional and set plays that seamlessly flow into the 2-Game Offense. You will find key ball screens to make the 2-Game Offense more efficient, as well as drills, offensive rebounding, and coaching tips! To win basketball games, you must get the ball in the paint. To get to the key, you can create open threes and high-percentage shots. This will also allow teams to reach the free throw line. An offense can usually get there via the drive or post touch. This video will be shown by Coach Matt Figger. It focuses on the modern 2-Game offense, which focuses on getting the ball onto the paint through post touches while keeping the floor spread. These are the options and sets that make up 2-Game. They will show you how to put it into practice right away. You'll learn: Basic setup Options for perimeter and post Plays You will need to do all the necessary drills! Overview and Introduction to 2-Game Coach Matt Figger shares his reflections on the lessons learned as coaches during the COVID pandemic. He also explains how coaches have been able to learn from this experience and find ways to improve their effectiveness. Figger has modified the offense in response to analytics regarding the effectiveness of 3-point shots, points in the paint and guard drive time. Coach Figger demonstrates how the 2-Game Offense can help you be a more efficient post team, even when you don't have large players. This offense has many screen reads and cuts, making it difficult to monitor and very challenging to guard well. It also opens up the doors to great opportunities! 2Game Options Next Coach Figger will go over the nuts and bolts and each player's responsibilities and positioning. He demonstrates the proper setup to reach the correct spots and spacing for the offense. Coach Figger shows the post players how to use the ball to gain an advantage in paint regardless of how defense defends it. The offense's goal is to create 2-man games within the offensive flow. If the ball isn't directly entered into the post Coach Figger shows how to maintain pressure on the defense with a 2-man game at the perimeter and screen at the elbow. The cutter can choose to curl, fade or reject the ball. Each option is described in detail, along with how each player reacts to it. If everything is covered, Coach Figger shows you how to flow into an on ball screen to keep the attacking mentality going. The Pinch Post option can be a great way to keep the defense honest. Coach Figger then shows how to seamlessly flow into DHOs or ball screens straight out of the set. If 2-Game's cutter rejects the screen, Coach Figger will show how to maintain pressure by adding another option for post-up and a baseline stagger in order to create perimeter shots. Ball Screens Coach Figger loves to use ball screens in his offense. He shows how to keep things moving when there is a 2-Game breakdown. There are several options for running the ball screen: offensive rebounds, hitting the post again and back out, and any other breakdown in any of these actions. Drills Coach Figger demonstrates drills to help you develop your guards and posts in order to complete the 2-Game offense. He demonstrates to the posts his philosophy of getting under the defense and posting up in transition. He shows them how to manage two transition players and works on getting high-low looks. Drills can be used to remove guards from the elbow screening actions. Players will learn how to get the ball in by putting everything together in a 4-on-4 drill. While everyone goes through the basics of offense, the post player starts with an offensive advantage. Sets and Games Coach Figger wraps it all by describing a drill that he uses to learn how to play fast in the "150" game. Players will be taught how to move the ball quickly and make quick decisions. Coach Figger then demonstrates two ball screen plays, which can be used in the offense or as stand-alone plays. He also shows you how to seamlessly transition into 2-Game, regardless of whether the ball is passed ahead or dribbled. The whiteboard diagram of one his favorite zones sets is then completed. Do you want to control the pace and get the ball inside? This offense is great for that, and Coach Matt Figger will give you all the tools necessary to run the Modern 2-Game Offense. 64 minutes. 2022.