Competitive Practice Drills For Defense by Matt Driscoll Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Competitive Practice Drills for Defense Encouraging competition in practice translates into players that work harder while enjoying practice and players that improve. University of North Florida head coach Matt Driscoll has built the Ospreys into a winner using 12 competitive drills that he puts on display in this video. After serving as an assistant at Baylor and helping to revive the Bears’ program, Driscoll has done the same at North Florida taking the program to its first-ever NCAA tournament appearance at the end of the 2014-15 season. Using a variety of different situations, Coach Driscoll teaches the techniques and concepts needed to prepare for an upcoming season. The 12 drills he demonstrates will help build toughness, increase court awareness, and condition players. Competition is created by using a shot clock and naming a winner for each drill. 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 Drills for Offense and Defense Coach Driscoll breaks down half-court offensive and defensive concepts with a series of 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 drills. He tracks each team’s defensive efficiency rating (DER) to name a winner in each drill. Drills include: Full-Court Advantage: Players must contain the ball in the full court and prevent splits that lead to easy scores. Laker-to-Heat Drill: A temporary 3-on-2 situation is created challenging defenders to sprint back, get organized, and protect the rim. Sprint Pick and Roll: This half-court drill focuses on concepts in the ball screen offense and defense. Transition Drills Successful teams are those that play great transition defense. Coach Driscoll presents four drills that work on playing defense in transition. The Build Up drill forces players to work in every disadvantage situation in a fast break. The 2-3 Transition to 11 Drill teaches players how to get back into a zone defense through their transition defense. Coach Driscoll shares three competitive rebounding drills that teach players to fight for rebounding position. You will hear how Coach Driscoll modifies rebounding drills to increase their difficulty as your players improve. For coaches looking to increase the energy in their gyms, this video offers up competitive practice drills that will motivate players at any level. Rent this Competitive Practice Drills for Defense DVD today.
Competitive Shooting Drills For Basketball Practice by Matt Driscoll Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Competitive Basketball Shooting Drills for Basketball Practice Watch as University of North Florida head coach Matthew Driscoll teaches a series of 12 shooting drills to develop your players into shooters. Coach Driscoll helped his Ospreys team earn the name “Birds of Trey” as the program ranks among the nation’s leaders in 3-point shooting on an annual basis. Each drill incorporates strategies to challenge shooters to make shots under pressure. Shooters are forced to get uncomfortable just as they are in game situations preparing them for those high-pressure situations they face in live action. Competitive Basketballs Shooting Drills for Teams Coach Driscoll shares three team shooting drills that coaches can incorporate into any practice. These include: Shooting to 5 with Perfection: the team works to make consecutive shots from different locations on the floor. Win the Game: a classic shooting drill that raises the level of intensity when shooting free throws. 5-on-5 Warm Up: uses the “money ball” concept to simulate pressure in a game situation forcing players to hit shots from different distances and angles on the floor. Small Group Shooting Drills Small group shooting drills incorporate goals that force players to progress or regress depending upon performance. Players work on step-back shots, slide step shots, and spot shooting. Makes and misses as well as group shooting percentage is used to put pressure on players to make shots. The 3-Spot Shooting drill is a great way to develop a player’s accuracy at different ranges off the dribble. It as well as all of Coach Driscoll’s shooting drills help players focus on their shooting form and develop mental toughness. The best shooters are able to hit big shots because they have developed the technique and mindset to thrive under pressure. These drills from Coach Driscoll are the perfect solution for coaches looking to simulate game-like pressure in their practices. Rent this competitive basketball shooting drills DVD today.
Dead Ball Press Offense, Shooting & Buildup Drills by Matt Driscoll Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Do your players have trouble breaking the press? Put your athletes through a number of advantage/disadvantage situations like University of North Florida head coach Matt Driscoll does. Driscoll is a three-time Atlantic Sun Conference Coach of the Year (2015, 2016, 2020) who is well known for his ability to improve individuals as players. In this practice session, you get to see what it’s like to run a session with intensity and how to make players and teams great. Film Room One thing that can set a program apart from another is the analysis of film. Coach Driscoll begins the session with film study. He analyzes different clips in this session in an attempt to reinforce his team’s defensive principles. You will get to see how the film session works in conjunction with the practice to come. Practice The session then moves to the practice floor where the team begins with two warmup drills. Coach Driscoll has his team work the Scrape Drill where North Florida works on breaking a press in a 5-on-0 situation. Players work on certain reads and passes as they go full speed. These drills also demonstrate two press breaks that can be used against any defense. Red Zone Shooting is another drill that gets players prepared for practice by working on jump shots from different angles and on three-pointers from different spots. Players get a ton of game-like shots in a short period of time. The practice then shifts into higher gear with an emphasis on full court transition. The Transition Build Up drill leads to a full court 5-on-5 game scenario. Coach Driscoll emphasizes both transition offense and defense and works on breaking the press from a dead ball scenario. From beginning to end, this video has value for any coach at any level. Coach Driscoll is one of the most respected coaches in the nation and his intensity and attention to detail makes this presentation a must-watch.
Drills For Developing Hybrid Players by Matt Driscoll Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Drills for Developing Hybrid Basketball Players In today’s more multi-faceted game, players that have the ability to play multiple positions are extremely valuable. University of North Florida head coach Matthew Driscoll understands the need for such hybrid players and has developed a system for training them. Driscoll served as an assistant with Scott Drew at Baylor helping to rebuild the Bears program before taking over at North Florida where Drew led the Ospreys to their first-ever NCAA tournament appearance (2014-15). In this unique skill development video, Coach Driscoll shows you how to take tall players and develop them into hybrids. They have the ability to score from inside, but also can step out and attack the basket with ball handling skills as well as show off their shooting range. Ball Handling Drills Coach Driscoll teach post players to handle the ball with a series of ball handling drills normally reserved for point guards. Using four different drills, Driscoll works on players’ abilities to shake defenders and drive the lane. In a second set of drills, players combine ball handling with finishes at the rim. Each moves stresses change of direction and getting defenders on their heels. Players work on pro hops, step-back jumpers, floaters, and the Stockton move. Training in the Post Hybrid basketball players can exploit mismatches in the post when playing with their back to the basket. Coach Driscoll uses three drills to teach players to finish at the rim while playing with the back to the basket. The QB Tee Back to the Basket series teaches players eight different ways to score through the post. Driscoll teaches a “cheat step” that helps players get angles on defenders and puts them in positions to score. Shooting Drills Coach Driscoll shares a number of shooting drills designed to sharpen players’ shooting technique. The Great 8 Finishing drill teaches players how to finish with control at the rim using either hand with six finishes. Driscoll also works players through eight different scoring situations they would commonly see in their ball screen offense in game situations. This helps players take shots that they’ll take in games. Creating Offense Two final skill development drills help develop players into playmakers. The first breaks down options for penetrating the lane. Players have the ability to execute the “LeBron” pass to an open perimeter shooter as the defense sinks to help in the lane. The Ball Screen Acuity drill reverses traditional roles. The big handles the ball while perimeter players become the screeners in a pick and roll action. With the changing game, athletes need to adapt as well. Coach Driscoll’s video will show you how he builds players that can play any position in today’s “position-less” game. Rent this Hybrid Basketball Players DVD today.
Press Break & Early Offense, & Conversion Drills by Matt Driscoll Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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University of North Florida head coach Matt Driscoll brings you inside one of his preseason practices for a look at breaking the press, early offense, and conversion drills. Driscoll is highly respected in the coaching community and it shows in his resume. His UNF teams have won three Atlantic Sun Conference championships (2015, 2016, 2020) and he has captured three conference Coach of the Year honors. In this video, you will see how Driscoll runs an intense practice that is fast paced and high on energy. Press Break Coach Driscoll’s practice begins with two drills that help the team prepare for breaking presses. Options like “Scrape to Rim Runner” and “Pitch to the Rim” are just a few of the many covered. Over 10 different scoring options are presented in this segment of the practice. The next part of the practice is focused on getting the ball into the post. A variety of options are reviewed once the ball gets inside. Coach Driscoll offers some great insight for coaches here. He shows you where you can find open space and where players can cut to in order to get great scoring opportunities. Practice Drills Coach Driscoll then shifts to a defensive emphasis with a full court 3-on-3 drill. Players must full court defense using half-court principles in an effort to find success. It’s a challenge to cover the entire court with just three players. This forces players to communicate and execute what they have been taught by Driscoll. The practice session ends with the Circle the Wagons Drill, one that covers essentially every aspect of the game in a 5-on-5 situation. The drill can be used to teach everything from rebounding to transition offense and defense. Watch as Coach Driscoll uses the drill to teach his concepts but also instill his culture in his team. This is an outstanding video featuring one of the nation’s great coaches as he lets you see how his offense, defense, and transition game is run at North Florida.
Press Break, Transition Defense, & Fullcourt Drills by Matt Driscoll Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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At the University of North Florida, head coach Matt Driscoll has developed a reputation for playing fast and with tempo. His teams have won three Atlantic Sun championships (2015, 2016, 2020) and Driscoll was named conference Coach of the Year in each of those three seasons. In this video, Coach Driscoll offers a variety of drills to speed up your offense. Warm Up One of the other key parts of this video is Driscoll’s press break. The Ospreys actually warm up with two drills that work on breaking a press. The Scrape Drill is done without a defense and works on making certain reads. The second drill is a two-guard press break that focuses on making quick decisions when the first option of the press break is taken away. You will also see a shooting drill that works on jump shots from different angles and three-pointers in the Red Zone shooting drill. Players get a ton of shots as they prepare for practice. Practice The heat turns up as players go 1-on-1 in the next part of practice. The Four-Second drill starts with a ball on a chair at the top of the key. On the whistle, an offensive player grabs the ball, reverse pivots, and the live 1-on-1 begins. Next are a series of 3-on-0 and 3-on-3 drills that focus on transition offense. Laker 3-on-0 and Heat 3-on-3 work on passing, catching, and finishing at full speed. Full Court Build Up gets players moving as they go from 2-on-1 to 5-on-5. The Rinse Drill works on different press and trap scenarios. These are great drills for working on the transition offense as well as transition defense. If you are looking to speed up your offense and style of play, Coach Driscoll is one of the most knowledgeable college coaches in the country. His live practice examples and guidance can help any coach instill intensity and an up-tempo style of play.
Stopping The Pick & Roll by Matt Driscoll Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Stopping the Pick and Roll The ball screen has become a staple in most basketball offenses at every level of the game. Matthew Driscoll, University of North Florida head coach, has spent his career honing his knowledge of the pick and roll. Driscoll spent several years with Scott Drew at Baylor building the Bears’ program into a winner. Driscoll left for North Florida and led the Ospreys’ program to its first-ever NCAA tournament appearance in 2014-15. In this stopping the pick and roll video, Coach Driscoll provides in-depth commentary and whiteboard diagrams to help you show your team how to operate as a unit and open up scoring options with ball screens. Driscoll also shares drills to help players learn to defend ball screens. Breakdown Drills to Defend the Ball Screen Use breakdown stations to teach defensive techniques for players involved in the ball screen. Coach Driscoll shares the four points he emphasizes in defending ball screens. Hard hedges by the screen defender disrupt the ball handler’s attack while the guard recovers “Blitz” or trapping the ball can lead to fast break opportunities on the other end Switching the ball screen minimizes the amount of help off-ball defenders have to provide and eliminates two defenders being occupied by the ball The “Zone” option allows your post player to pack the paint and force penetrating guards into difficult, contested mid-range shots Practice Segments From a 3-on-3 practice setup, Coach Driscoll discusses help defense against angled ball screens and the Horns set. One of the primary points of emphasis for defenders is guarding shooters in the corners and helping on a rolling big man while also being prepared to recover to challenge a shot attempt. Eventually, practice progresses to 5-on-5 where the team works on shutting down the ball screen. Other offensive tactics are introduced as well. They include: Side ball screens Playing through multiple pick and rolls Defending the Floppy action Covering ball screens after defending a UCLA screen Coach Driscoll presents everything any coach needs to defend the pick and roll. Full of technique, mindset, defensive rotations, and communication; this video can help you build a defense capable of shutting down opponents’ ball screens. Rent this stopping the pick and roll DVD today.